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Which countries were effected by the Black Death?


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The blackdeath started in China and then spread to almost all of Europe!


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the black death effected any one from new born to elderly so really whoever caught it they were effected

It devatated almost all European countries.

just England was affected by the plague at the time but as the years went by other countries caught it in other forms. i.e.: the Japanese plague

They were mostly effected by rats getting germs and bacteria and passing onto foods. Then when the people ate the food, they would get the bacteria and catch the 'Black Plague'

The Black Death spread to all of Europe.

Black Death helped people to think differently. Influenced science, changed economy and social system.

Most of the countries had black death. By 1348 france germany england rome etc.

Itwas effected because people were dying and some of them were traders. When they die, who would be there to trade?NO ONE!! It also effected families and their losses.

Black Death spread across spain, france, russia. Also other neighboring countries.

You will always be effected by any mass because gravitational fields are infinite. But being substantionally effected by a black hole depends on how massive the black hole is.

the black death came upon Europe endulfing itself with citizens. this weakened many countries allowing other countries to invade them qiute easily

The Black death started by dirty rats and fleas biting humans that was how the black death started the rats then went on to ships traviling all across the countries spreading the black death rappidlyBy Iqra Saeed

every country in the whole wide world was affected in some way.

the whole of Europe and london

it went to most countries especially England

The Black Death affected many countries. But it mainly affected Europe and Asia. But that doesn't mean it didn't effect other countries. Practically, it hit most of the countries, as the disease is carried by fleas on black rats, which climbed ropes onto ships, which travel all around the world and the black rats get off in different countries. Then the fleas will bite a victim, and another life of a victim will be over in 2-4 days. So the Black Death affected most countries

Most of Europe was effected along with America.

Black death or plague is endemic disease in jungle rats in tropical or subtropical countries. It can come back after some natural calamity like earthquake in tropical or subtropical countries.

Individuals were effected by their loss of jobs which resulted to loss of money, communities were effected because shops closed down and countries were effected because their economy broke down.

It started in China and spread from India to Europe.

Every country in the world.

because it killed many people so lots of families were effected.

It effected most of the body, more of the central part. Its said to say that the Black Death started by animals suddenly dying by unknown causes. The Black Plague spread by ticks,mits, and rats. So mostly the arms body and legs.

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