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Which country did Adolf Hitler take over first?

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1. Austria

2. Sudetenland

3. Czechslovakia

4. Poland

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Which country did Adolf Hitler take over first in world war 2?

Austria. but not by force. The first country he took by force was Poland.

Who built the first road over the blue mountains?

Adolf Hitler

Was Germany in control of their own country in world war 2?

No. Adolf Hitler took over the country and the people.

Which contry did Adolf Hitler take back first?

he took over Poland first in ww2

When did Adolf Hitler take over Germany?

Adolf Hitler took power of Germany in 1933.

What places of Germany did adolf Hitler take over?

Hitler ruled the entire country of Germany and invaded 39 other countries.

When was the first large scale migration to the Oregon country and where did it take place?

led by adolf hitler the cowboys rode their horses over the mountains too the oregon.

Who is the most evil Justin Bieber or adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler, as he basically killed over 7,000,000 people.

Which party did Adolf Hitler take over in 1921?

Adolf Hitler took over the Nazi party in 1921. Hitler was 44 years old when he became the leader of this party.

What did Adolf Hitler try to do?

Adolf Hitler tried to take over the world by collecting land by land and he took over to much and started WW2

What country did Hitler take over first?


What is the first country that Hitler took over?


What inspired Adolf Hitler?

to take over the world

What is the definition of the Treaty of Versailles?

The treaty of Versailles was a promise of that Adolf Hitler has to not take over any other country that he has to stick with the country that he has and that is his last country to take over. Except Adolf Hitler Brook the promise and that he wanted to be ruler of the whole world, Except it was most likely impossible for him to do that because our nation had mad alliances to Russia and other countries

Why the Nazis took over Denmark?

Adolf Hitler was on a tear to take over all of Europe, and Denmark was a country in Europe that wasn't neutral, so he took it over.

What country did Hitler first want to take over?


Why did Adolf Hitler start the war?

Adolf Hitler started the war because..... He wanted Germany to be a very powerful country, and he wanted to take over the world, because he bassically wanted to be the most powerful person in the world but unfortunatly he failed!

How did the horrors of World War 1 lead to World War 2?

Because Adolf Hitler was talking over all of country all over the world.

What do you call someone who takes over you?

Dictator: a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force. That's what Adolf Hitler was.

Did Adolf Hitler take over Russia?

No. He tried and failed.

How many countries did Adolf Hitler take over?


Who took the world over at age 30?

adolf hitler?

Who took over Poland in 1939?

Adolf Hitler and Germany.

Did Adolf Hitler win the nobel peace prize?

Adolf Hitler never won a peace medal but he did win over his people and led them to war to be massacered.

How did Adolf Hitler take over the media?

He had a captivating oratory style.