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Which dogs are good dogs to have besides poodles if your child has allergies and asthma and are Italian greyhounds a good choice?

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2008-04-20 03:44:11

First off it's not the fur that bothers a person with allergies.

You have to be sure it also suits your family's routine. An Italian

Greyhound can be hyper (they are great racers) and high strung.

They need quiet and I wouldn't class them as a good dog for a

child. The other choice is a Bichon Frise'. They don't shed. They

are white and can weigh in at 16 - 20 lbs. (easy to keep clean) and

should be bathed twice in the winter (you want to keep their skin

as natural as possible and not dry it out by bathing them so much

in the winter) and in the summer they should be bathed every 3 - 4

weeks (unless they get muddy.) These little dogs are full of fun

and comical as heck (I own one.) They love to be with family and if

brought up with your child will be his/her's best buddy. They have

curly hair and if Bichon Frise's are groomed to show in breeding

contests they have a powder puff face. My husband and I don't care

for this look so we have her body shaved just like a sheep. She

looks so cute and I call her hair "angel feathers" because that's

just what it looks like. Her hair on her face is cropped, but not

too short and she has the face of a bit like a cute Cocker Spaniel.

They are energetic, smart and full of fun. We have had so many good

belly laughs from this dog. They are great protectors of the

family's home (will warn you with a bark or growl) and a no

nonsense attitude (and they do have attitude) if a stranger should

enter the house. Although they don't bite when anyone comes into

the house they will growl and keep a keen eye on that person until

they are satisfied you have accepted this person into your home.

These dogs are full of love and will give you cuddles and kisses

galore. Excellent dog for children. Before getting any dog please

see your specialist about this and discuss it. It would be

heartbreaking if you got a dog for your child and then had to give

it away. Dogs are used a great deal to help in many areas of life.

Inmates in prisons are calmer when given a pet; dogs and cats are

used in nursing homes for the elderly (and the elderly love it!)

Dogs are used for the blind, deaf, and also used to get through to

problem children when humans can't reach them. Now dogs are being

tested for detecting cancer in people (just like a dog sniffing out

drugs at an airport.) Please type in: Then Type in:

Pictures of Bichon Frise' Also ask Google: good dogs for children

with asthma and allergies Please, don't get a tiny dog as these

little dogs are more lap dogs and not the rough and tumble kind

that children should be playing with. You will get some idea of

what these little dogs look like. They are not delicate as some

other breeds are and other than a poodle this is an excellent dog

for your child providing the specialist thinks it's a good idea.

Shih Tzu's are wonderful dogs for those with asthma and allergies.

They love to play, but love to relax too. They are small (range

from 10-20lbs). They have a wonderful temperment. They are great

around children and easy to train. Definetly a Shih-Tzu. I am

allergic to dogs and cats and I am not allergic to shih-tzus. They

do not shed; very clean dog. Labradoodles are great they are half

Labrador and half Poodle but look like a Lab. Half and half is good

for minor allergies. But for bad allergies you need 3/4 Poodle and

1/4 Lab.

Silky Terriers do not shed and make really good pets. My

brother's allergic to dogs and we've got a Silky cross and he never


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