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Which features of the Constitution reflect a distrust of democracy?

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2013-11-24 02:03:36

There are several features of the Constitution that indicate

distrust of popular government. These include the election of the

president by the Electoral College, the fact that judges are

appointed for life, and the selection of senators by state

legislatures. Voting requirements were left to the states, which

imposed property requirements. These requirements reflect a

distrust popular government, because citizens could vote directly

only for members of the House of Representatives-the lower house,

which has a two-year term of office. In addition, property

requirements prevented many citizens from voting at all. One must

also know that the framers evaded the issue of voting altogether,

giving this right to the states.

Also, the framers distrusted the common people because the

masses were uninformed, easily swayed, and lacked long term

thinking. It was felt that participation by the common people would

result in a true democracy being unstable, would shift positions

frequently, and would suffer from the lack of long-term


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