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Treadmill. On a treadmill you power your body, on a trampoline you are using the stored elasticity of the trampoline to power your body. Time to strap on he Reeboks and get running!

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What is better for a good workout -- elliptical or treadmill?

In my opinion the elliptical is better as it gives your whole leg a workout. It is also safer to use than a treadmill and feels easier to use. The elliptical also is better on for your joints.

What type of treadmill gives you the most intensive cardio workout?

All treadmill would give you approximately the same type of cardio workout. To increase your workout, you may want to choose a treadmill that allows you to walk fast or to walk "uphill".

Is a treadmill a good way of exercise?

if it's inclined it gives you a better workout. but yes it does just as well as walking outside minus a fresh air breeze.

which cardio equipment gives the best work out?

The trusty treadmill is still ranked high on the list as a great cardio workout machine.

Where can I find reviews on the best elliptical machines?

An elliptical trainer gives users a great cardio workout without the joint stress of pounding on a treadmill. ConsumerSearch editors compare seven expertAn elliptical trainer gives users a great cardio workout without the joint stress of pounding on a treadmill. ConsumerSearch editors compare seven expert

What are the benefits of an elliptical workout?

Using the elliptical machine gives you a great cardio workout for burning calories. The elliptical combines the treadmill workout with the stair climber workout to give you a more effective workout in the same amount of time. If the machine you are using allows it this can work your upper body as well as your lower body.

Is tennis better than golf?

Tennis is better than Golf becuase you get a better workout. Also, it gives you more strength on your arms then golf.

Why do you get shocks from the trampoline?

The static energy generated from the trampoline bed when people are bouncing is released and gives you a static shock

Which machine is easier on your body, an elliptical or a treadmill?

The Elliptical Machine wins by far in the battle of treadmill vs. elliptical. The treadmill is just as harmful to your ligaments as running or walking outside. The elliptical machine is easy on your joints and yet gives you a much better work-out, including burning more calories.

Is it easier to Do a back handspring on trampoline or ground?

Trampoline because it gives you more spring and more power than doing it on the ground

Where can I buy a trampoline online?

You can buy a trampoline online at this website:;_ylt=AimOUk75z4NbJYZBtBKxzpYbFt0A?p=trampoline&did=0 You can also check out this website to buy a Trampoline:

Do trampolines help strengthen your leg muscles?

Everyone knows trampolines are fun, but not everyone knows that there are many benefits of jumping on a trampoline. Both adults and children can benefit from regular exercise on a full size trampoline or a rebounder (a small trampoline). Physical Benefits There are many physical benefits to jumping on a trampoline. They include: A cardiovascular workout - Jumping on a trampoline increases the heart rate and gives your heart, a very important muscle, a great workout. A workout for the muscles - A great workout for the feet muscles up to the stomach muscles occurs when bouncing on the trampoline for even a few minutes. Weight loss - The combination of cardiovascular exercise and the strengthening of the muscles contributes weight loss. As muscles strengthen they aide in the increase of the metabolism which helps to burn fat. The cardiovascular workout burns calories. By jumping on a trampoline for 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week, weight loss can occur. Improved flexibility - Jumping on a trampoline strengthens and lengthens muscles improving flexibility. Increased bone density - Exercise can strengthen bone density as well as muscles. Increased bone density helps to prevent broken or fractured bones and osteoporosis. Improved joint, tendon and ligament function - The strengthening of joints, tendons and ligaments can help to reduce the chances of some forms of arthritis and lessen the pain in some arthritic joints. Development of balance and coordination - Balancing on a trampoline is unlike balancing on anything else. The trampoline floor is constantly moving and jumpers must be aware of their center of gravity at all times. The balance learned on a trampoline helps improve balance in other activities. Improved posture - Along with improved balance, jumping on a trampoline can improve posture. Development of motor skills - The brain is forced to function bilaterally when a jumper is in the air. Both sides of the brain and both sides of the body must work together to maintain coordination and balance when on a trampoline. This increases motor skills.

What makes a trampoline boncy?

It’s the springs that give a trampoline its bounce. The mat simply connects all the springs together and gives a soft surface to play on.The springs store your kinetic energy as potential energy by stretching, just like a rubber band. The further you stretch a spring the harder it is. Without the springs it would just be a mat without bounce.Trampolines as an energy converterFundamentally a trampoline is an energy converter. When you jump your muscles are converting your stored potential energy into kinetic energy. As you land the trampoline gets tighter and the springs stretch, safely converting your kinetic energy (jump) into potential energy ready for use.Once the trampoline has converted and stored all of your kinetic energy it gives it back to you by converting the potential energy from the springs back into kinetic energy and springing you up into the air.

What is involved in a plyometric workout?

Plyometric workout is a type of workout that generally focuses around fast and powerful movements. It's a popular workout for athletes, as it not only gives them a workout, but helps them improve their speed and quickness.

Why do adults participate in sport?

Because it's fun and it gives them a workout.

Best exercise machine?

I would say if you are going to invest in a good exercise machine for daily use I would get an elliptical as it works more of your muscles and gives you a better cardio workout.

What chest workout routine actually works?

The most effective chest workout routine is also the oldest. Simple variations of pushups, such as incline or triangle pushups, gives your chest a effective, inexpensive workout.

Where can I get a fitness center that gives a discount workout clothes? is an online store where you can find discounted workout clothes. They carries all types and kinds of workout clothes and apparels in a very low price.

Is running on a treadmill better than running outside?

Advantages of a treadmill is that you can do it in a controlled, and safe enviroment. No traffic, no weather, maybe even a/c. Another advantage is that you know exactly how hard/soft the surface will be. Downside of treadmill is that some people find it terribly boring, and also that you tend to get stuck in a very even rhythm, which means that you'll get less payoff from your training. Running outside gives a natural variation to your pace, which is good for fitness.

What is the fitness benefits of cyclling?

Gives you a good aerobic and low-impact workout.

How is cardio exercise best described?

It gives your heart and lungs a continuous workout.

What exercise machines offer exercises to help lose body fat fast?

If you would like to lose body fat quickly, you would need to do a lot of cardio exercises. The treadmill is one of the best ways to lose weight because it works out your whole body and gives you a great cardio workout.

What routines can you do on a trampoline to burn calories?

Simply bouncing on a trampoline burns calories and gives your muscles a workout. (It feels easy because you remain constantly airborne, along with not having too much pressure from ground contact.) If it is safe for you to - and you are able to - flipping a few times or jumping and spinning in the air can help to burn calories. To get a heart pumping exercise going, jump from side to side for a few minutes straight, moving as if you were skiing down a hill from side to side.

Is elliptical equipment the best for an all body workout?

Elliptical equipment would be best suited for an all body workout because using an elliptical tones your legs but also gives you the work out that you need in your upper body. When you use the elliptical, your whole body is moving, which gives you the perfect all body workout.

What muscle connects under the bicep?

It is called the Brachialis and it gives the bicep the bulky essence it is what you are actually working out on the workout machines that say they workout your Biceps.