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Which is more effective between natural and artificial family method?

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What are types of family planning?

Natural and artificial

What is the difference between artificial family planning and natural family planning?

I don't know if there is such a thing as "artificial family planning", but natural family planning is a term used commonly to describe a method of fertility management in which a woman can observe bodily symptoms in order to know when she is fertile and either use that time to avoid unprotected sex if she does not wish to conceive or use that time to have sex if she does wish to conceive. Most commonly natural family planning is the sympto thermal method, which is NOT the rhythm method. It can be as effective as the perfect use rate for hormonal contraceptives if used properly.

Disadvantages in using artificial method in family planning?

The main disadvantage in using artificial family planning is the fact that no pharmaceutical method can be 100 percent effective. The only 100 percent effective method is abstinence.

Is calendar method is now a artificial family method?

No, the calendar method is a NATURAL method.

What is the best way for family planning natural or artificial?

Depends on who you ask. Religious people would say natural, modern people would say artificial. If you want to have a say, chose the latter.

What are the advantages of artificial family planning methods?

Artificial Family planning methods, is a form of birth control that is not 'natural'. The advantages are that the person with the birth control is more aware of their chances of getting pregnant.

What are the different family planning methods in the Philippines?

there are two basic methods in family planning. first is the artificial method and the second is the natural method. But the Catholic Church are opposing the use of artificial method in family planing. artificial methods are the following: use of condoms, IUD or intrautirine device, oral pill, injectibles, etc. while the natural method are: Calendar method, withdrawal method and personal control or abstenence.

Which of the following methods are not effective methods of contraception?

Douching, withdrawal and Natural family planning.

What is artificial family planning method?

Artificial family planning is the process used to prevent pregnancy and plan for the birth of children at the most optimum time. Commonly referred to as birthcontrol, family planning can be accomplished using a variety of methods. Before you choose a method, there are a number of factors you should consider.un lang!!There are two natural methods of birth control. You can abstain from having sex, which is highly effective but not very enjoyable, or you can try to have sex when you are not ovulating, which is not very reliable. Artificial methods are reliable and do not impede your sex life.Artificial" Family Planning (AFP): modern methods which purpose is to prevent conception (such as hormonal, barriers, or combination), but not abortive methods.

Which of the following is an effective method of contraception oral contraceptives natural family planning withdrawal hoping?

All of those except hoping will reduce the risk of pregnancy, but oral contraceptives have a much greater effectiveness than natural family planning or withdrawal. Used correctly and consistently, natural family planning using proven methods like Cycle Beads or symptothermal method can be quite effective.

What are the advantages of Artificial natural family planning?

you plan how many children you want and how far apart they are it prevents the mother from getting worn out from being a breeder

What are Effective birth control methods?

If you want the church way... ABSTINENCE! Or Natural Family planning! Otherwise condoms or the pill are pretty effective methods... Methods like pulling out aren't as effective. Be careful wit this one

What is artificial form of family planning?

test tubes........

Is Artificial Family planning applicable?

yes! it is applicable.

A good example of an artificial system of classification is?

a family tree

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial methods of family planning?

One advantage to using an artificial method of family planning is that they are usually pretty reliable. A disadvantage to these methods are possible side effects.

Does the Catholic Church favor family planning?

The Catholic Church believes that any type of artificial contraception, including but not limited to condoms, the pill, and coitus interuptus.However, the Catholic Church allows Natural Family Planning IF there is a serious and just reason for spouses to avoid pregnancy (e.g. health reasons, etc.).Natural Family Planning is when the woman keeps track of her cycle and the couple abstain from sexual relations during the woman's fertile period..Catholic AnswerNo, as mentioned above, the Catholic Church does not favor family planning if you are using that term as our current society uses it - as a code phrase for contraception and abortion. Contraception is seen as frustrating God's plan for human beings, and this is born out in the fact that nearly every form of artificial birth control out there has serious side effects (they are seriously unhealthy for the people who use them), and not really all that effective. Abortion is nothing more nor less that the murder of one's own child, so of course the Church does not favor sin in any of its flavors. That being said, limiting one's family size - IF there are serious reasons involved that are not selfish nor short-sighted, and in keeping with God's plans, may be done through Natural Family Planning, which, unlike artificial birth control is nearly 100% effective and causes no harm to either the husband or the wife. As a matter of fact it is very healthy for marriages.

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What are the negative effects of artificial family planning?

The Negative or Bad effects of FAMILY PLANNING, both artificial and natural are: 1.This is a BIG sin to our Lord Jesus. Because we are blocking one life or many lives. 2. This is the start or beginning of the couple to think about divorce. Why? Because they will not have the same decisions on when will be the next sexual exercise. 3.Using contraceptive pills have side-effects. And many more...

What family does the element californium?

Californium is a metal, solid, artificial, radioactive, unstable; californium is a member of the actinoids family.

What are the artificial types of family planning?

Artificial family planning would include the use of pills, the use of IUD, ligation or vasectomy, the use of barrier protections such as condoms, and use of spermicides and other biological agents.

Does catholicism allow birth control?

No, Catholicism does not allow artificial birth control. Catholicism believes the only reason or sex is to make children. Symptothermal and Standard Days methods of natural family planning are allowed.

What are the moral responsibilities in guiding parents in the application of natural and artificial family planning?

It is the moral responsibility of parents to protect their children, birth control/family planning is just another part of the big picture - you surely wouldn't hand your teenager the keys to the family car, without teaching them to drive. Explaining how their body functions should be a natural part of growing up, the use of contraception (while guided by the family religious beliefs) should be part of the conversation.

What family is plutonium is from?

Actinides group, transuranic elements, metals, artificial elements

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