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Neither of them is smarter than the other, but gerbils are better for pets unless you''re nocturnal too.

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What is bigger a hamster or a gerbil?

if it is a dwarf hamster and a gerbil then a Gerbil but if you are talking about a regular biggish hamster then it can be the same size but usually the gerbil is bigger

Can a gerbil kill a hamster?

It is possible. a hamster should not be kept with a gerbil. The hamster may also try kill the gerbil if it dislikes it.

What do you call a male hamster or gerbil?

a gerbil is called a gerbil

Is carl a hamster or a gerbil?

he is a hamster

Hamster or a gerbil?

Hi, if you like a active fun and playful pet go for a gerbil, but if you want one that will snuggle up with you then go for a hamster. Gerbils hardly urinate so if you want to get it out and not change its cage as much go for the gerbil. hamsters are smarter and easier to train but are nocturnal but gerbils come out in the day.

Is a gerbil half rat and hamster?

no its a gerbil

What are similarities of a hamster and a gerbil?

A hamster is a gerbil, so I can't really explain that. LOL

What would win a hamster or a gerbil?


Is a gerbil better then a Hamster?

Depends. If you like a hamster you like it. If you like a gerbil you like it. Everyone has a different opinon

Who is smarter a female hamster or a male hamster?

They're both the same. Sometimes male hamsters are smarter; sometimes female hamsters are smarter. It depends on the hamster.

Which is smarter a mouse or a hamster?

A mouse is smarter.

What is the name of a relative of a hamster?


How do you eat hamster?

with a side of gerbil

What is a pet similar to a hamster?

A gerbil

Is a hamster fatter than a gerbil?


What kind of food does a gerbil need?

Gerbil muisli or if there is not any hamster food.

Can a hamster eat gerbil food?

Yes they can eat gerbil food. Gerbil food can be meant for hamsters too.

Who is smarter to go in a maze a hamster or a mouse?


What is thedifference between a hamster and gerbil?

a gerbil has a long tail and a hamster has no tail it looks like a poodle with no tail. hope this helps u

How long does it take for a baby gerbil to grow into an adult gerbil?

Same as a hamster or mouse

What is larger a hamster or a gerbil?

Typically, the hamster is bigger in total body mass.

What should you buy a stripey mouse or gerbil or hamster?

A hamster because they are cute

Can you train a hamster to sit?

It is possiable but rats are smarter. Rats are about 3-8 times smarter than a hamster.

What is a cross between a hamster and gerbil?

a hambil.

What do you call a male gerbil or hamster?