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Which juice has more acid orange juice or lemon juice?


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Lemon juice has more acid because of its density and it contains more sodium.

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Because lemon juice does have more acid than orange juice.

No lemon juice has way more acid.

orange have more juice because is bigger than the lemon

Orange Juice Lemon Juice Lime Juice there are alot more but that's what I can come up with off the top of my head.

a lemon has more citric acid than an orange because its sourer than an orange so it probably has more citric acid than a orange

Apple Juice has much more acid than Orange.

Lemon has a higher concentration of Citric acid that is why it is more sour.

I think they are both citric acid but lemon juice is more concentrated.

It has a different type of acid. Vinegar has acetic acid, and lemon juice, which is slightly more acidic, has citric acid.

Orange juice is a solution that contains citric acid, which gives orange juice an approximate pH of 3.5. Which substance is more acidic than orange juice? Battery acid with a pH of 0.8 apex

I recently did a experiment for school chemistry and found that lemon juice corroded more that sulphuric acid.

Lemon juice. It has a pH of 2.3, whereas orange juice has a pH of 3.3. What is being cleaned off is the CuO and CuCO3 that forms on the penny. Both O2- and CO32- are bases, so the stronger the acid, the more effectively they will be reacted away. I did a quick online search for the pH of grape juice but did not find anything, but given that it lacks the sour taste that orange and lemon juice have (an indicator of acidity), I would have to assume that it is not as acidic as either lemon or orange juice.

No, they have different levels of acid. Lemons are much more acidic than oranges which is why it is used in canning.

im pretty sure that it is lemon juice because it is the most sour

Yes orange, cranberry,grapefruit juices all have some kind of acid.

The concentration and the strength of acids is greater.

It would get more acid, due to the acid in the lemon.

Lemon juice is much more acidic than orange juice, and contains less natural sugars and less water. If you substitute fresh squeezed lemon juice for orange juice, the result will taste less sweet and much more sour. It's also a real pain to squeeze more than 1/2 c of lemon juice quickly. So, if the recipe calls for 1 c of orange juice, consider mixing up a weak batch of lemonade (equal parts lemon juice and sugar, plus four times more water than lemon juice.) Alternatively, substituting lemonade from concentrate or out of a container will work just fine. DO NOT substitute lemonade made from powdered drink mixes for orange juice.

limes have more citric acid then lemons do.

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