Which lighting is best for outdoor photography?

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Depends on what you are shooting - most subjects will look best in natural light - a strobe unit can be used for macro shots.
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What is the best camera for outdoor photography?

I use a Canon 5D with the 24-105 lens and the results are most gratifying. Jim Answer If you're an amateur, a point and shoot camera (like Olympus D-550) is best. Just put

What does light have to do with photography?

If you are taking pictures in a room with low light, the pictures will turn out worse. Pictures with good lighting come out better. Many cameras have different settings that a

What type of light is best in photography?

I would definitely say natural. Indoor/fluorescent light doesn'tlook very good in pictures, so natural/outside is by far the best.The best time to take pictures is early morni

What are the best places to look at for outdoor lighting?

Home Depot, Lowes, landscapelight would be my top three choices. At times you may find one of those circulars for Home Depot or Lowes that have the discount card good for any

What are the best Christmas light for outdoors?

There are lots of companies making great outdoor Christmas lights, though Vickerman is often reviewed as one of the most reliable. Make sure the lights you buy are indeed rate
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Where can one learn about outdoor photography?

One can learn about outdoor photography from professional photographers. One can also learn about it from Outdoor Photographer, Learn Outdoor Photography, Bright Hub, and many