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Which one is more popular WikiAnswers or yahooanswers why?

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I would say Yahoo answers, for these reasons:

1. does not advertise, unlike Yahoo.

2. Unfortunately, many people refuse to on anything with a title with "wiki" in it, probably due to the fact that the only wiki they've ever heard of is Wikipedia.

3. On Google, if you ask a question, it's probably more likely for a Yahoo Answers site to come up than a wikianswers site, which encourage people to ask questions there so they can get more attention.

4. Yahoo has many other features, which make the site itself more popular.

But, I think the most helpful one is WIKIANSWERS. YahooAnswers mainly has random answers on missalanious questions. But wikiAnswers has actually answers on actual, important questions, like history, education, and knowledge, on top of the Missalanious answers.! Go WIKI!

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What's a popular question?

There are many popular questions on WikiAnswers. Just one is "What 3 word queries on WikiAnswers are not questions?".

Is WikiAnswers or yahooanswers better?

wiki!! i take quizzes online and yahoo gives me weird answers. wiki only give me the one word answer that i need for my quizzes RINNEGANUSER ! YAHOO ANSWER has the shettest SUSPENSIONS theyre freaken permanent supsensions, most misleading name ever GO WIKIANSWERS for now

Is WikiAnswers doing anything to attract more users?

WikiAnswers is already rather popular. On most search engines, such as Bing or Google, if you ask a question, the WikiAnswers result should appear as one of the first couple of options for you to click on. There are also WikiAnswers blankets, hats, and other items to show your gratefulness to WikiAnswers. ____ WikiAnswers is always trying to attract more users by answering more questions, and improving answers that we already have.

How did WikiAnswers become so popular?

Wikianswers become popular because of all the questions having brilliant answers. And ANYONE (and i mean ANYONE) can join this site so you can spend your time answering questions like this one! So, go on join Wikianswers TODAY!

Are you the only one that hates this website?

You aren't the only one. Many people seem to hate WikiAnswers because they couldn't vandalize WikiAnswers. There are more people who like WikiAnswers than hate.

Can you supervise more than one category on WikiAnswers?

Yes, you can Supervise more than one category.

What is more popular one piece or Naruto?

in Japan, One Piece is more popular, however, in the United States, Naruto is more popular

Can you be in more than one WikiAnswers group - such as WIT as well as Community Outreach etc.?

Yes, you sure can. Many of our WikiAnswers program members are volunteers in more than one program.

Is one direction more popular than Top Gear?

yes one direction is more popular

Is WikiAnswers one or two words?

WikiAnswers is one word.

Are there any questions for us?

There are several million questions on Wikianswers. There will be one or more for you.

Who is popular One Direction or Miley Cyrus?

both of them are popular but I say One Direction Are More Popular

Is WikiAnswers the dominating answer wiki on the internet?

WikiAnswers is one of the top Q&A sites on the Internet, but it is not necessarily the most popular. WikiAnswers' top competitor is Yahoo answers, but neither website has a clear advantage. Some other Q&A sites include Quora and Aardvark.

Who is more popular mindless behavior or one direction?

mindless behavior is more popular but one direction is catching up to them

Which is more popular piano or flute?

The piano is more popular, infact the piano is one of the most popular instruments in the world!!

Is WikiAnswers this one better than Wikianswers?

Of course!

Which one is more popular Fantage or clubpenguin?

I'm thinking Clubpenguin is alittle more popular.

What would be one of the more popular SEO companies?

All of the SEO companies are popular. None is more popular than the other. They are all the same and offer the same thing. G.O.O.G.L.E is one of the more popular ones though.

Is it possible to ask the same question more than once on WikiAnswers if one is not satisfied with the answers?

you can always ask someone you trust to find the answer on wikianswers or outside of it

Which popular Naruto or One piece?

I believe that Naruto is more popular than one piece.

How do you recommend an answer on WikiAnswers?

There is no way to recommend an answer mainly because answers can be changed. A once popular answer changed into an un-popular one and vice versa. But if you think an answer is good be sure to recommend the contributor.

Is one direction more popular the little mix?

no little mix is more popular. their songs are brilliant

Is there a WikiAnswers user called WikiAnswers?

There is one. Its owned by the company.

Can you ask more than one question at the same time on WikiAnswers?

A regular user cannot ask more than one question at the same time.

What is the ratio between supervisors and users on WikiAnswers?

Tricky one to answer. Supervisors don't supervise a set number of contributors - they supervise individual categories. For example - I supervise the Snakes category. Some categories will be more popular than others - and thus attract more contributors.