Which one is more popular WikiAnswers or yahooanswers why?

I would say Yahoo answers, for these reasons:

1. Answers.com does not advertise, unlike Yahoo.

2. Unfortunately, many people refuse to on anything with a title with "wiki" in it, probably due to the fact that the only wiki they've ever heard of is Wikipedia.

3. On Google, if you ask a question, it's probably more likely for a Yahoo Answers site to come up than a wikianswers site, which encourage people to ask questions there so they can get more attention.

4. Yahoo has many other features, which make the site itself more popular.

But, I think the most helpful one is WIKIANSWERS. YahooAnswers mainly has random answers on missalanious questions. But wikiAnswers has actually answers on actual, important questions, like history, education, and knowledge, on top of the Missalanious answers.! Go WIKI!