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atv are better and stfer

Dirt bikes are just as safe as an atv. Safety is the riders responablity. the same thing.

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Q: Which one is the safest a dirt bike or an ATV?
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Where can someone purchase dirt bike tires?

Someone can purchase dirt bike tires from Rocky Mountain ATV and Motorcycle in Payson Utah. One can also shop at Motor Sport for dirt bike tires. Local bike shops in one's area will have dirt bike tires also.

What type of clothing should one wear when riding a dirt bike?

When riding a dirt bike, one should wear the safest gear possible. There are plenty places where you can go buy some authentic dirt bike gear. Try going to the online market BTO Sports, they provide all information on their clothes and you can buy for a good price.

Where can one buy a 50cc ATV quad bike from?

There are a lot of places in order for one to buy a 50cc ATV quad bike from. However, one might want to purchase a 50cc ATV quad bike from the website eBay.

How many people get hurt on a dirt bike a year?

Statistics show that surprisingly not a lot of people get injured. The numbers are like 1 out of every 5000! Maybe 1 to 2 hundred people a year. Dirt bikes are actually one of the safest motorized activities. riding a dirt bike is safer than riding in a car.

What is difference on bike tube and dirt bike tube?

the difference is that one goes on a bike and the other goes on a dirt bike, the second reason is that one is smaller than the other one to

Dirt bike or ATV?

I ride both! I have been riding dirt bikes for nearly thirty years and have created many lifetime memories aboard my various motorcycles. However, in recent years my wife and I have purchased an ATV due to her bad back. Both of us have found that the ATV is a great recreational tool as well. I do still prefer the dirt bike, however, I also enjoy the ATV. I can see myself in fifteen or twenty years riding the ATV solely. I think it depends on what type of off-roading one wants to do as to which type of vehicle to choose. In my mind, a motorcycle is for a more hard-core rider who is serious about riding. The ATV, to me, is more of a leisure vehicle for the laid back off-roader. Whichever a person chooses, either one is fun!!

Can two people ride one a dirt bike?

Generaly no but it depends on how big the dirt bike is and how big you are.:)

What license is needed to ride an ATV quad bike in the UK?

To drive an ATV quad bike on the road one needs to have a full car licence. An ATV quad bike can only carry passengers if it is designed to do so and has the right number of seats.

Where can one buy a mini dirt bike?

One can buy a mini dirt bike from the local bike stores. Sometimes local community auctions also feature variety of mini dirt bikes for very reasonable price.

Where can one find more information about dirt bike racing?

One can find information about dirt bike racing on sites such as Motorcycle-USA, The MSF DirtBike School, Motocross Tracks and Dirt Rider. One can also find information in magazines such as Dirt Bike Magazine and Motocross Action Magazine.

What is the proper spelling of 'dirt bike'?

Dirt bike is how it is spelled one way. Another way is to make it one word, dirtbike. Both are correct.

Where can one purchase a 125CC dirt bike?

One could purchase a Coleman 125CC dirt bike from a variety of sources. This model of dirt bike can frequently be found at BJ's Wholesale stores. One could also check local motor sports stores for available models and if this model of dirt bike is not available, most retailers are more than happy to order them for you.

What American dirt bike manufacturers are closed?

Buell is one American dirt bike manufacturer that is currently closed. Along with Buell, there's also Aprilia CO and APK which are both dirt bike manufacturers that are closed.

Where can one purchase dirt bike parts?

One can purchase dirt bike parts at any off road specialty store. Stores such as Mountain Cross or Moto world specialize in parts and accessories for dirt bikes.

Where is the oil filter on a 4stroke dirt bike located?

It more than likely does not have one. Rarely does a dirt bike have an oil filter. Your owner's manual will list the location if it has one.

What was first dirt bike company?

it's got to be a british bike but do not know which one

Which is better for a 5'1 95 pound person a fifty cc dirt bike or a one hundred cc dirt bike?

100cc the bigger the better

Which one is better a go kart or dirt bike?

Dirt bike as with a go kart they dont go fast and you may as well have a tricycle as there about the same

What are other names for a dirt bike?

one is OHV

Will you get a dirt bike for your birthday?

i got one for my birthday

Where can one purchase an electric dirt bike?

One is able to purchase an electric dirt bike at their local sporting goods shop. Supposedly Bass Pro Shops and Gander Mountain offer great deals on electric dirt bikes.

Where can one purchase dirt bike motorcycles?

One could purchase a dirt bike at just about any local motorcycle dealer. Cycle Trader magazine lists used dirt bikes with pictures. Dirt Rider magazine list only dirt bikes as well as some good consumer reviews.

How old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike on the street in Las Vegas?

You can NOT ride a dirt bike on any street in Las Vegas or in the county. You have to be 1000 feet from any street or building to ride one in the dirt.

Where can one purchase a Mini Moto dirt bike?

A Mini Moto dirt bike can be purchased from Fun Bikes, Deals on Wheels, eBay, Amazon, Orange Imports, Darley Moor Dirt Bikes, Mini Moto Scene and Pit Bike Club.

Do you need a license for a dirty bike?

no, but you do need one for a dirt bike you have to have id though to buy one and be over 18

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