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Kinetic energy is a function of mass and velocity. Therefore, an object with more mass, such as a Bowling ball, would have to go slower than an object with less mass, such as a Golf ball. So, if given the same amount of kinetic energy, a bowling ball will go faster than a golf ball, because it has more mass.

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What is the relshionship between mass and kinetic energy?

List 10 things with kinectic energy and y do things have kinectic energy $$$$ like fart it would b of use

True or false a waterfall is an example of kinectic energy?

The water physically falling would be yes, but the water that has yet to fall would be an example of potential energy. To answer your question It is true.

If a golf ball and a bowling ball are moving and both have the same kinetic energy which one is moving faster?

The one with the smaller mass (which is also the one with the smaller weight) would have to move faster, to compensate for the fact that it has less mass.

Would you use a bowling ball covered in wool?

No, the wool would absorb some of the energy, making the bowling ball less effective for its purpose.

If you drop a bowling ball and an apple from the same height what would travel faster?

both would travel at the same distance the bowling ball would hit the ground harder cuz it weighs more.

What is the form in which energy is stored in wind?

First of all, I believe that you have the question a bit wrong. I think that what you want to ask is "What type of energy is in wind" rather than what type of energy is stored in wind. Wind would be kinectic energy which means "energy in motion".

Which has more kinetic energy beach ball or bowling ball?

If they are both moving at the same speed, then it would be the bowling ball because of its greater mass.

Bowling ball and apple drop from same height which will reach earth first?

If a bowling ball and an apple dropped from the same height the bowling ball would reach the ground first. This is because the bowling ball has more mass and density making gravity pull it down faster.

A bowling ball striking the pins is kinetic or potential energy?

This is considered kinetic energy because it is moving. If it was potential energy, it would be just sitting, with stored energy.

Which Object would have more potential energy-A bowling ball stored on a high shelf in a closet or a baseball on the same shelf?

The bowling ball has more potential energy, but, how many people measure potential energy by having things fall on their head

A golf ball and a bowling ball have the same kinetic energy which is moving faster?

a golf ball because the weight is lighter and the wind helps iti think that the bowling ball will move faster because it has more mass.If my information was helpful please let me know in your comment!!Thank YouHOTGAL (!!EAGLE ALL DAII!!)^I think that's wrong.I think the bowling ball because it has more mass.My science teacher had this really good example:If you were standing in a hole,and I was rolling a bowling ball and a golf ball at you, which would change your face more?The bowling ball would change your face more.Here's another example which I got from my dad:If your dad and your younger sibling was running towards you,who would injure you more?It would be your dad because he has more mass than your younger sibling.Hope that helps.:D-Chubby Ninja

Why are kenetic and potential energies the same?

they are not the same. kinetic energy is energe that an object has due to its motion. potential energy is stored and held in the readiness. for example kinetic energy would be like a bowling ball knocking over bowling pins. unlike kinetic energy, which is the energy of motion, potential energy is stored and may be used later on like a car stopping at a red light.

Does black heat faster?

black absorbs more energy than white so yes it would heat faster

Which would fall faster a marble or a bowling ball?

In a vacuum, and initially in air, they would both fall at the same speed. In air though, wind resistance comes into play. The marble may reach terminal velocity at a slower speed that the bowling ball, which has a higher mass to counteract the drag from the air. Over a long drop in air, the bowling ball would accelerate to higher speeds.

If a golf ball and a bowling ball collide and the bowling ball keeps moving How did the golf ball's speed compare with the bowling ball's speed?

The force of the bowling ball colliding with the golf ball causes the golf ball to be redirected in an elastic collision. How fast either travels depends on the friction of the surface and the angle of contact with the bowling ball.Comparative Masses and EnergyIn the collision between a golf ball and a bowling ball, the fact that the bowling ball continues to move (although possibly changed in direction) is a function of the comparative masses of the two. The bowling ball is much more massive, so at normal velocities its kinetic energy exceeds the kinetic energy of the golf ball. In order to "stop" the bowling ball, the golf ball would have to make a perfectly aimed collision, and have a much higher velocity. Quantitatively, the velocity of the golf ball would have to be the inverse ratio of the ratio of the masses of the two balls, so that the kinetic energy (mass times velocity) is equal and in the opposite direction.Example : Golf ball at 45 g, ten pound bowling ball at 4500 g -- the golf ball would have to move at 100 times the velocity of the bowling ball to counteract its kinetic energy. If the bowling ball rolls at 2 m/sec, the golf ball would have to travel at more than 200 m/sec (720 kph or 447 mph), about 3 times a ball's normal velocity off the face of a golf club.

What figure is a bowling ball?

A bowling ball would be considered a sphere.

Why does a tsunami move faster than a regular wave?

That's because a tsunami contains thousands of more gallons than a regular wave. Example: In a bowling lane, a bowling ball (tsunami) is heavier and it can easily knock down pins. It's fast and heavy. If you tried to knock over the pins with a bouncy ball (regular wave), not much pins would be knocked over.. Though this explains why a tsunami can do so much damage, it does not explain how it moves faster. in a bowling alley both a bowling ball and a bouncy ball would move at the same speed.

When you add energy to matter the particles move?

faster. and matter then would move slower

In a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases at the same temperature which molecules move faster?

The oxygen atoms would move faster. They would need a higher kinetic energy value to impart the same energy through collision and be felt as heat

Which object has more inertia- a bowling ball or tennis ball?

That would depend on how fast each was moving. However given that they are moving at the same speed, then a bowling ball has more mass than a tennis ball and would therefore have more inertial energy.

Does a plant grow faster with water or an energy drink?

Plants grow faster with water because, it can get its own glucose through photosynthesis. On the other side energy drinks are full of weird colors and stuff anyway, which wouldn't help the plant to grow but the energy in the drink would probably give the plant the energy to grow faster. Water is free from all the chemicals, and helps the plant to grow faster.

Is it conservation of mechanical energy when skydivers drop in the air at a constant rate and why?

No. In free fall, where mechanical energy is conserved, the falling object would go faster and faster. In this case, to fall at a constant speed, mechanical energy is lost, due to friction.

What equipment do you need to play bowling?

The bare minimum would be a bowling ball, a pair of leather-soled bowling shoes, and of course access to a bowling lane with a full set of pins.

If you heat a ballo on do the gas particles move faster or slower?

The gas particles would move faster, by heating them up you are giving them more energy. This would also cause the balloon to expand

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