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Republicans and Northern Democrats.

AnswerI beg your pardon.


AnswerRather than being split along party lines, the Civil Rights Movement tended to split the country along North-South lines. Northern politicians tended to be either pro-Civil Rights, or neutral. Southern politicians tended to be anti-Civil Rights, or rarely, neutral.
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Q: Which political party was on the side of the civil rights movement?
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What is warren buffett's political party?

Warren Buffet has been a Democrat since the civil rights movement.

What is political factions?

In the US and other nations, a political faction may be described as a group of organized people that make up a certain part of a political party. For example, within the US Democratic Party, a smaller group within the party that focuses on civil rights may be identified as the Civil Rights faction of the Democratic Party.

What is a political faction?

In the US and other nations, a political faction may be described as a group of organized people that make up a certain part of a political party. For example, within the US Democratic Party, a smaller group within the party that focuses on civil rights may be identified as the Civil Rights faction of the Democratic Party.

What role did the Black panther party play in the civil rights movement?

in 1395

What political party supported slavery during the 1860's?

The Democratic Party supported slavery during the 1860's. The Republican party was created in 1854 to oppose slavery. During the mid 1900's, the Democratic party became the party that supported the Civil Rights movement. NOT COMPLETELY TRUE. The Republican party opposed slavery and they DID support the Civil Rights Movement along with Democrats in office. The south was still a Democratic based area and JFK feared if he had fought hard for civil rights in the south, he would lose his voting base there. He did it anyway and that is why he was killed in Dallas (The South). MLK Jr. was a Republican, Charles Heston was a Republican who was the 1st actor to march in the Civil Rights movement. All the Republicans in Congress pushed for civil rights as well. Earl Warren, the judge who stated that in brown vs board of education the separate but equal doctrine was "not equal" and he got rid of that doctrine and allowed blacks to integrate in white schools. He was Republican.

What were the political groups in 1960's?

I'm not sure which political groups you are asking about-- in the US, there were, of course, the two main political parties (the Democrats and the Republicans). But the 60s were an era of social movements: the women's movement (also called "women's liberation"); the civil rights movement, the gay rights movement, the anti-war movement, etc. There were also movements that tried to combine social change with politics, such as the Black Panther Party.

Which component of Weber's stratification system is exemplified by the civil rights movement in the US?

Party, Class, Status

What if there was no civil rights movement?

without the civil rights movement, there would no purpose of people sacrifice everything for people to be accepted in society, racism is still exist today, called covert white supremacy. please help black lives matter and end racism once and for all. racism shall burn to the ground. end police brutality. please stop trump from destroying america. both party fail to stop racism. end racism first,then give rights to people. I am about to make a political party called the Urban Socialist Republican Party. please join my party.

Which party was the political wing of the abolitionist movement?

liberty party

What did Nixon's southern strategy included?

When running for President, Nixon tried to attract conservatives in the South who had been alienated by the Democratic support for the Civil Rights Movement. During this period, votes in the "solid South" began to swing toward the Republican party.

Is the Tea Party Movement a political party?

No. The Tea Party movement is not nearly as organized as a political party, though some operatives of the Republican party are trying very hard to absorb the Tea Party's enthusiasm.

Victoria C Woodhull political party called?

Equal Rights Party or Political Reform Party or Independent

What political party attracted southerners after the Civil War?

The political party that most southerners joined after the Civil war was the Democratic party. They opposed the radical reconstruction policies that were favored by the Republican Party at that time.

What political party wanted the Bill of Rights?

Federalist Party

Which political party favors gay rights?

The Democratic party favors gay rights more than the Republican party does.

Which party was founded as a political expression of the antislavery movement?

The republican party.

What is the most direct method of political participation?

volunteering for a political campaign engaging in civil disobedience

Abolition's shift from a social movement to a political platform was facilitated through what political party?

The Free-Soil Party

Which political party did the African Americans vote for after the civil war?

After the Civil War, most African Americans voted Republican because Abraham Lincoln was of that political party.

Why was the SDLP formed?

The SDLP was born out of the civil rights movement in August 1970 when six Stormont MPs and one Senator joined together to form a new political party. This was an attempt to look for peaceful methods of dealing with Northern Ireland's problems, which they eventually achieved.

What political party grew out of the Farmer's Alliance Movement?

western party supplies

What political party was formed prior to the civil war in 1854?

The Republican Party.

Assess the view that anti civil rights groups and continued discrimination held back the progression of African American civil rights 1865-1980?

The Democrat Party blocked every effort at civil rights legislation. It was the Republican Party that pushed it through!

What was a legacy of the Populist?

they began a movement later taken up by te progressives -apex

What political party does Francois Fillon belong to?

He belongs to the Union for a Popular Movement party.