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Zachary Taylor had a horse called Old Whitey

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Q: Which president had a horse called whitey?
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Which president had a horse named whitey?

Zachary Taylor

What was president Zachary Taylor's pet?

Whitey the horse was his pet in the White House according to

Which president had a horse called old whitey?

Both Zachary Taylor (1784-1850) and Rutherford B. Hayes (1822-1893). (see the related links).

Which president had a horse in the white house that he rode in a war?

Zachary Taylor kept a horse named Old Whitey. I think he was Taylor's old warhorse.

What was the name of Zachary Taylor's horse?

"Old Whitey" was the war horse he kept at the White House.

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Its called A walk in the dark by a geezer called Whitey. No not the muppet Whitey Ford !!

Did Zachary Taylor have a pet?

he had a horse named 'old whitey"

What president had a horse called Cleopatra?


Did Zachary Taylor have any pets?

He had a horse named Old Whitey.

What president had a childhood pet horse called Debby?

theypoop there pants

When did Zachary Taylor's horse Old Whitey die?

He passed on March 20, 1879. The old civil war horse lived 30 years.

What are What are facts about Zachary Taylor?

Zachary's horse, Old Whitey, was allowed to graze on the White House lawn.

What president had a pet horse named The General?

The General was the beloved horse of President John Tyler.

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