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Q: Which region of the country has a large American Indian population?
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Which region had the lowest American Indian and Alaska Native population?


What percent of the American population is involved in the service industry?

The answer will differ from country to country, and from region to region within a country.

Which region has the largest American Indian population as identified on the 2000 Census?


What were the consequences of the arrival of missionaries and other settlers in Oregon Country for American Indians?

The Oregon Country was a predominantly American term referring to a disputed ownership region of the Pacific Northwest of North America. The region was occupied by British and French Canadian fur traders from before 1810, and American settlers from the mid-1830s. The Native population eventually shared the same marginalized fate as the rest of the Indian tribes.

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The Country of China has had the world's largest population for years. It only follows that a region of that country is probably the one that had the greatest population in '05.

Number of people in a region or country?


Totem poles are an artifact of which American Indian region?


Which country in southern Africa's Indian Ocean region is not an island?


Is Guatemala a region?

No, Guatemala is not a region but a country. This country is located in Central America and has a population of close to 16 million people.

Is Sardinia a country?

No Sardinia is not a country, it is a region of Italy. Sardinia has a population of about 1,637,193 people.

The region of the country that experienced the greatest population growth during the Great Depression was?

the pacific region

Will an Indian Wii console work with American Wii games?

No. The Nintendo Wii is region locked so the Indian Wii will not play North American games

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In July 1, 2012 brazil popilation is 193,946,886. It is the largest country in both South America and the Latin American region as well as It is the world's fifth largest country.

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The total population of a country or region to the area of arable land it contains.

What is south American Country with a Patagonia and pampas region?


Where did the American Indians get food in the region?

With the Indian food being famous all over, there are various Indian Joints. American Indians can go out and enjoy in any one of them.

What Latin American city has the largest population in the region?

Mexico city

What country The highest population density in the region of South America?


Two great Indian civilization of the latin American region were?

the Aztec and Mayan civilizations

Which American Indian tribe lived in the southwest region of the US and parts of Mexico?


What American Indian dwelling in eastern woodlands?

What is the region that includes the chinook and tillamook Indians

American Indian tribes of which region used buffalo for clothing shelter and artworks?


Is costa rica a segment of the euro-indian mainland?

No; it is in the American (or North American, or Central American depending on your point of view) region.

Which of the following best describes the cause of the French and Indian War?

English fur traders wanted to trade with Indians in the Ohio River Valley. American settlers pushing west into the Ohio country clashed with French and Indian claimants to the region.

Where is veneto located?

Veneto is a state/region with a large population in the country of Italy which is located in the continent/region of Europe.