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Disconnect the negative cable.

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Q: Which side of battery do you disconnect to stop the battery running down in a vehicle not being used for a while?
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Why is your car not starting and the battery keeps dying?

Possibly a bad alternator. The Alternator charges the battery when the vehicle is running. If the battery is not being charged this could cause the vehicle not to start.

Do you have to disconnect a battery charger from the battery or can you just unplug it?

Best to unplug it and then disconnect it from the battery. Reason being is that if you disconnect it from the battery first you will create a spark. That spark could ignite any fumes from the battery.

What causes a battery warning lite to flicker on after the car is shut off this is in a ford focus 04-the- light stays off when the car is running and car appears to be charging and running normal?

From your description it sounds as if the warning light is operating correctly. When the engine is running the battery is being charged and the electrical needs of the vehicle are being fully met by the alternator's output and the battery is not expending stored power. When you turn the engine off the alternator stops running and anything in the vehicle that requires electircal power is suddenly dependent upon the battery to supply it. Thus, the battery begins discharging power, which triggers the warning light indicating that the battery is being discharged.

How do you charge a battery in a dodge stratus and should the car be on or off?

Ignition off, hook a battery charger to the battery post and let it charge. Black - Red + Disconnect the charger before starting the vehicle. You do not have to remove the cables nor take the battery out of the vehicle. Batteries are constantly being charged on the vehicle with the alternator. That is just unnecessary work for nothing. Since the battery is in the fender, you hook the battery charger to the jump start posts under the hood.

Why does your 2005 Dodge Dakota battery drain while being towed behind your Motor Home?

This could be because you didn't disconnect it before you started pulling it.When you tow a vehicle, you should turn the key to 'on' so that the wheel can turn to allow the vehicle to follow the lead vehicle.

What is wrong with my 1986 300zx if when I take the jumper cables off the car dies and my battery is brand new?

Your alternator has failed, and the battery has drained from running the vehicle without being able to recharge it. Replace the alternator and the battery should be fine.

Why does a battery light stays on in a 1994 thunderbird?

If your engine is running , and the battery light comes on , that indicates that your battery is not being charged

What could be wrong if the battery is good and the alternator is good but the battery keeps being drained?

Something is causing a drain on the battery even with the vehicle off and nothing turned on. A good mechanic can do a drain test on the battery to see what may be draining the charge. A dead cell in the battery itself will also cause the battery to go dead. Disconnect the negative battery cable overnight and if the battery is dead the next morning it has a dead cell and must be replaced. If not look for a light that is on or a relay that is stuck.

How do you test the alternator in a Toyota Celica 1990?

simple useful alternator test - with the car running at idle and no accessories, lights, etc. on. Disconnect your positive battery cable. the car should stay running if your alternator is functioning correctly. If it is, leave your battery disconnected from the alternator for the night, or for however long it has been taking to drain the battery. Reconnect in the morning and try to start it. Often alternators fail because a strain is being imposed on them by a battery short. It's good to replace both at the same time.

How does one jump start a vehicle?

In order to jump start a vehicle one will require jumper cables. The cables are then attached with the red cable being clamped onto the positive terminal of the car with the dead battery and the car that is providing the boost. The black clamp is placed on the negative terminal of the car that is boosting and the other end is connected to any unpainted metal surface in the engine compartment of the dead car. The car providing the boost is then started and once the boosting car is started one can start the vehicle needing the boost. Leave the vehicle running and disconnect the cables.

If my altanator goes out what will a car do?

If your alternator stops working you are powering the vehicle on your battery and your battery is not being charged by your faulty alternator so eventually as the battery drains down the car will stop running. Avoid using any electrical, power windows ect and get your alternator repaired immediatley.

93Cherokee hasn't been started in 2 monthsbattery was dead so hooked it up to another vehiclethe headlights started flashing and security light inside Starts for 1-2 sec then dies Has gas Any ideas?

Also happened to my '93 when I changed the battery. I believe I just cycled through the alarm set buttons on the key fob. ADDITION>>>Jump starting with a DEAD battery and the factory security system is a no go. You can do it with a WEAK battery but not a dead one... Replace the battery. OR try charging it IF it will hold a charge. But when you jumpstart it, the security system will activate when you disconnect the cables. Chrysler's engineers thought this was a good way to keep the vehicle from being stolen when the battery was removed to disable the vehicle, as normally you can simply remove the battery from a running vehicle without stalling it as long as you dont short out the positive cable. I was flabbergasted to find out that this was an intentional design precept.

What happen replace battery without turn off engine?

First of all - tHe engine will stop as soon as you disconnect the battery. Secondly - you risk being electrocuted if you do that !

How can you temporary block your onstar when vehicle is being serviced?

unhook battery

Can jump starting a car blow your electrics?

If you do it wrong, there is a possibility. Connect the positive side first, connect the ground to the vehicle chassis on the vehicle being jump started, rather than the battery negative. After starting, disconnect the ground side first, and ensure that the electrodes do not make contact or come close enough to arc.

Would changing battery of 2005 Toyota corolla cause radio malfunction?

Yes. If you disconnect the battery from the vehicle what happens is that the anti theft system on the radio thinks the the radio is being stolen because it loses power. What you have to do is enter a code that is provided to you by the dealership. If they don't have the code on record then the dealer has to remove the radio to find out the code.

How can you tell if the battery charger for vehicle battery is actually working?

If you are talking about battery chargers you buy to charge your vehicle's battery, you will hear a slight hum or a feel a slight vibration as it is charging. Some chargers have a meter which will show the current (Amps) being put into the battery. If you mean the vehicle's own battery charging system, if that system is not working it is likely that a red warning light on your dashboard will not go out after you have started the engine. Vintage cars or special-build vehicles often have an Ammeter to show the current (Amps) being put into the battery. If the vehicle's own charging system is not working you can still drive the vehicle for some distance but don't rely on the battery's charge lasting for long: if the battery is not being re-charged it will go flat because of the current drain taken by the vehicle's electrics. (Ignition, fuel pump, lights, etc..) If you can't get the vehicle's own battery charging system fixed but still want to use the vehicle for short distances you will have to re-charge its battery regularly using a mains-powered battery charger. When you eventually get the vehicle's charging system fixed it would be a good idea to have the battery tested too, to be sure it is ok. If your battery is too flat to start the engine then there may be 2 different reasons why it went flat: 1) because the battery is old or has a fault so that it cannot hold a charge any more - the battery needs to be replaced. 2) because the vehicle's battery charging system has a fault so that it has stopped charging the battery. In that case it is the charging system which must be replaced. This assumes of course that the battery itself is ok.

Why does your battery light stay on you put a new battery in it?

That light doesn't mean that your battery needs to be replaced. It means that your battery is not being charged while the car is running. Have your alternator tested.

Your alternator and battery both tested good but the battery is not being charged?

Most likely cable running from stud on top of alternator to battery terminal is corroded or broken.

No gas can kill the battery?

Out of gas versus dead batteryRunning out of gas in and of itself would have absolutely nothing to do with a dead battery.On the other hand, IF someone, not realizing that the gas tank was empty, were to continuously crank, and crank, and crank the engine erroneously thinking they could get the engine to start, then it is for certain that they will drain the charge from the battery and thus "kill" the battery.It's not the being "out of gas" that kills the battery, but the vehicle operator that kills a battery.

Dodge Durango 2000 8 cylinder battery not accepting charge will only run if connected to running vehicle alternator tested good any ideas?

Has the battery been tested, does the alternator on the Durango try to charge?... If the truck runs with the battery but the battery doesn't take or hold a charge, it has to be the battery being bad or extremely bad terminals so that the charge can't reach the battery. Age of the battery doesn't matter, a fairly new one can still go bad.

How would you go about reseting your antilock light on your 95 Monte?

It really depends on if your anti-lock brakes are functioning correctly. If they are not then that is why the light is on, so bring it to a brake specialist. Otherwise, if you know they are working properly then disconnect the black cable on your battery with a socket, or wrench being careful not to touch both poles on the battery terminal with anything metallic. Keep battery cable disconnected for a good minute or two then reconnect. Enter vehicle turn key to ACC, or the one right before you start it; wait 10 seconds then start the vehicle.

What would drain a car battery overnight on a 93 Ford Taurus?

If you're absolutely certain that the battery is ok (have it tested) and that nothing is being left on and that the key is turning off properly, it's time to have the alternator tested. Sometimes an internal diode can fail which will end up draining the battery. But don't just replace the alternator. Take the vehicle to your local auto parts retailer and have them test it for you IN CIRCUIT! Meaning that they'll test it with the vehicle running. They should be able to determine if the alternator diode has shorted.

Why are your lights on your 1990 diesel D250 pulsate after starting running?

Usually a pulsing lights means that some component in the charging system is not working right. Probably the alternator, but it could also be a bad battery that is not holding enough charge. Always check the battery and alternator connections first to eliminate corroded or loose connections. The alternator should run everything with out being connected to the battery while running. Start the truck and then disconnect the negative cable if the truck dies then the alternator is going bad or has bad connections. I aways replace the battery and the alternator together. That leaves me no guess work later. Good luck.

When one vehicle is being towed by means of a chain what does the chain need to have displayed on it?

other than being sufficiently strong for the task, nothing that i know of. i would worry more about not running the towed vehicle into the towing vehicle and that the towed vehicle has brake lights though.