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Which state is named after another state?


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George Washington so Washington state


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Whyoming after a valley in Pennsylvania

washinton was named after the first presedent named George Washington

It is not named for a state but for a railroad of the same name.

Penn State is short for Pennsylvania State. It named after the state which is named after William Penn.

who named the state mississippi

No state was named or established in 1948.

No state is named after a Spanish city.

No state capital is named Kentucky. Kentucky is a state; its capital is Frankfort.

The state of Maryland was named after Henrietta Maria.

No, there is not a town named Piedmont in the state of Utah. However, there is a town named Piedmont in the state of Wyoming.

Hawaii is appropriately named the pineapple state for their large production of pineapples.

Californium was named for California.

yo mama named the state

There is no state named bromine.

Yes. It is the ONLY US State named for a President.

Element named after a US state: Californium. This is the only element named after a US state. But, there is also Americium. Americium is named after America.

Collectively, they are named North Carolinians, but individually, they are named whatever they were named at birth.The nickname for North Carolinians is "The Tarheels". Someone from North Carolina might say to someone from another state, "I'm a Tarheel", meaning they live in N.C.

No Australian state capitals were named after queens.The states of Victoria and Queensland were named after Queen Victoria.

As of June 2014, one element on the periodic table is named after a state. It is Californium, which was named after the state of California and the University of California, where it was discovered.

Vancouver, the largest city in British Columbia; Vancouver Island; and another city in southwestern Washington State.

The state that was named after King Louis XIV (the 14th) of France is Louisiana.

what US state was named after king charles wife

Athens is the city-state that was named after the goddess Athena

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