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In 1941 Hawaii was a territory of the United States.

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What State was Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese?

Hawaii. I think Oahu to be exact.

Was Hawaii a state when Pearl Harbor was bombed?

US Territory; with a US Territorial Governor.

Did pearl harbor attack the u.s?

No. Pearl Harbor is on the southern coast of Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii. During and before WWII, Hawaii was (I believe) a territory of the US (not a state yet). Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, which then caused the United States of America to get further involved in the war. (I say further involved because in the beginning, the US were helping out Great Britain, the enemy of Japan). But after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt declared a state of war against Japan (and Japan's allies, primarily Germany and Italy, both being Nazi countries).

What state did they bombed pearl harbor?

Hawaii... but you seriously couldn't google that? It would take you 5 seconds.

How many casualties did the US have at Pearl Harbor in terms of ships?

There was 2,403 American casualties as a result of the ships that were bombed in Pearl Harbor. Of these ships, all but 3 were able to be repaired to a usable state.

What were the countries in Pearl Harbor?

The only country involved was the United States. Pearl Harbor is located in the current state of Hawaii. At the time of the attack by Japan, Pearl Harbor was located in the United States TERRITORY of Hawaii.

What state is Pearl Harbor in?

Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii.

When did the united state enter world war 2?

1941 after japan destroyed pearl harbor

When did Pearl Harbor become a US state?

Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii, and Hawaii became a state in 1959.

Did America know japan was going to attack pearl harbor?

There are books written that state that the US did know.

What cause united state to enter world war 2?

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

What state was the Japanese bombing of pearl harbor in 1941?

Japan did not bomb any US state when they attacked Pearl Harbour in Hawaii, they attacked the US Pacific fleet which was there.

What did president rooselvet have to say about the pearl harbor attack?

he declared a state of war existed with Japan as of Dec 8, 1941

Was hawaii a state during Pearl Harbor?

No. The attack on Pearl Harbor was in 1941, while Hawaii didn't become a state until 1959.

What state was the Pearl Harbor attack in?

The Peral Harbor attack was in Hawaii, but Hawaii was not a state at that time.

In witch state is Peral Harbor located in?

The current state of Hawaii though, not a state at the time of Pearl Harbor

In which state is Pearl Harbor located?


What state is Pearl Harbor found?


In which state is Pearl Harbor located in?


Who owns Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii, a state in the US.Pearl Harbor is the US Navy area west of Honolulu, Hawaii, part of a Joint Base with Hickam AFB.

In what state is Pearl Harbor located?

Pearl Harbor is located in the state of Hawaii. Pearl Harbor is most famously known for the surprise attack that occurred on December 7, 1941 by Japanese planes. It is also a naval base that attracts many tourist.

What State was attacked during Pearl Harbor?

Hawaii .

Did the US have any idea japan was going to attack pearl harbor?

Books written today state that the US knew about the attacks before hand.

What effect the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor have on U.S. foregin policy?

The effect was that the United State declared war on Japan the next day.

Which state was Pearl harbor part of when the Japanese attacked it?