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Which type of exercise increase fat loss?


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light weights with a lot of reps will burn fat and also a good cardio program like running or doing the treadmill will help burn fat a lot quicker.


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which type of exercise increases fat loss A.high intensity B.high duration C.high duration/low intensity D.high intensity/low duration

There are many different exercise programs to help facilitate fat loss. The best type of exercise would include a lot of aerobic activity. This will help blood flow and start the burning of fat.

Any type of exercise could reduce fat. Just 20 minutes of working out can add muscle to you body and reduce fat. High-duration/Low-intensity

Yes. Lots of quick sprints, shuffles, and jumps really increase the heart rate, which is the point of aerobic exercise. Plus, this type of stop and go workout is similar to an interval workout, which is a very effective type of conditioning and fat loss workout.

Any type of exercise can help the reduction of fat, including belly fat. Expending more calories than you take in through food is how to reduce fat, and exercise helps increase caloric expenditure.

Shorter bursts of energy increase fat loss. That's why workout videos are getting shorter and shorter. It speeds up your metabolism for the day if you workout for maybe 20 minutes in the morning.

Breast size will only potentially decrease from exercise if there is fat loss. Breasts are mostly fatty tissue. Exercise sometimes decreases body fat, decrease in body fat may in turn reduce breast size. If the exercise does not incur fat loss, breast size will not be reduced by it.

Exercise and fat loss could help so much the patients with type 2 diabetes (that of the elder) but not those with type 1.

That just means an exercise meant for weight loss and fat loss. It would really involve toning and high energy moves that get your heart rate pumping which will burn fat.

anaerobic exercise that is better for fat loss and aerobic respiration is exercise to burn fat

All types of serious exercise should, but others (e.g. swimming) work out all the muscles in the body.Any and all exercise is better than nothing when it comes to fat loss. Walking is good for a beginner, but bike riding and any cardio several times a week will help.

CV machines like treadmill

Belly fat is really a way for your body to store fat. The best way is to cut your calories or increase your overall exercise.

No. You lose fat from consuming less calories than you burn. Exercise increases the amount of calories you burn which makes it easier to lose fat.

Cardiovascular exercise is much better for fat loss because not only does it burn more calories but actually speeds up your metabolism.

It's difficult to lose fat in targeted areas. One way to increase fat loss in your legs is to perform weight-bearing exercises. This will decrease the fat in your legs while increasing muscle. Leg lifts, squats, pushes and pulls are all good leg exercises to increase muscle and burn fat.

Exercise exercise exercise! If fat loss if your goal, then cardiovascular activity is absolutely essential. You will lose over all fat, including chest fat, if you do cardio. You can and should incorporate weight training, particularly for large muscle areas like legs, because the more muscle you have the more overall fat you will burn. Obviously doing chest exercises will help tone the muscles in your chest as well, but it is a myth that spot targeting an area will increase FAT loss in that area. It's just not true.

The best method for fat loss is a combination of diet and exercise. Surgery is usually not an option for most people due to cost and time. Diet helps you decrease caloric intake and exercise helps you burn calories and fat.

There is a diet that targets fat loss. You can learn more about it by going to You can also learn more about fat loss and exercise by going to

Walking is one of the best exercises or activity that can be done for fat loss. When you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose body fat.

no if your fat go do exercise turd

Muscle cannot turn into fat, because one tissue cannot evolve into another. What does happen is that a loss in activity results in the shrinking of muscle mass because of disuse. Also, fat levels may increase because a loss of activity may result in a surplus of calories, which can result in an increase in fat. So, after not working the body for a while, muscles may shrink and fat may increase and can result in looking less firm (loss of muscle) and more flabby (increase in fat).

Any cardio exercise will help with fat loss.

Abdominal exercises such as crunches, sit-ups and other abdomen working routines will help you blast your belly fat. Exercise your other muscles too so that you can increase your overall metabolism to prevent fat from returning.

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