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which type of spread spectrum is advantageous? which type of spread spectrum is advantageous?

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What kind of spectrum is a solar spectrum?

The solar spectrum is type G2.

Which type of spectrum does the sun emit?

an emicion spectrum

What type of spectrum do we see from the sun?

some of the light from the corona produces a continuous spectrum that lacks absorption lines. however the type is absorption spectrum

Which type of spectrum is associated with the radiation of most stars?

Emission spectrum

What type of spectrum is Bohr's model of the atom based on?

line spectrum

What type of spectrum can be produced by a solid liquid or gas?

Continuous spectrum.

What type of weapons did Henry Morgan preferred?

He preferred RPGs and machine guns

What type of visible light spectrum does the Sun produce?

an absorption line spectrum

Which type of spectrum does the radiation form most stars produce?

absorption spectrum

What is a Electromagnetic spectrum?

The combination of different colours due to the dispersion of sun light is called spectrum. This type of spectrum is called continues or line spectrum.

What type of spectrum does the sun have?


What type of compressor is preferred with refrigerant R-113?

The Reciprocating compressors is the type of compressor that is preferred with refrigerant R-113.

What type of light spectrum can you absorb?

Every spectrum of light can be absorbed with the right materials.

If you heat a rock until it glows what type of spectrum should it produce?

Florescent spectrum

What type of spectrum does a rainbow have?

A rainbow encompasses a continual spectrum of color.What specifically are you referring to? :\

Which type of spectrum can be produced by a solid liquid or gas?

emmision< this is not correct. Continuous spectrum.

Type of spectrum produced when white light passes through a prim?

the visible spectrum (a raindow)

Which type of operating system is preferred?


What type of spectrum do most stars have?


Can type 1 diabetes be spread from person to person?

Type 1 diabetes does not spread although type 2 does

What type of light comes from the sun?

Mostly light from and near the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Thevisivle spectrum includes all of the light that we can see, anything out of thisspectrum we cannot see. We can see in this spectrum because that is mostly thetype of light that the sun produces. However, the sun does produce radiation or"light" from every part of the spectrum but most of the radiation it produces comesfrom the visable spectrum.==========================Answer #2 :Sunlight's composition at ground level, per square meter, with the sun at the zenith,is about 527 watts of infrared radiation, 445 watts of visible light, and 32 watts ofultraviolet radiation.So, if you ignore everything that's absorbed by the atmosphere, and ignore all theother forms of electromagnetic radiation from the sun, then only considering theinfrared, ultraviolet, and visible, the visible is about 44% of the total by the timethose reach the ground.

Which type of spectrum can be produced by solid liquid or gas?

The spectrum produced by solid is continuous spectrum. Continuous spectrum is formed by all, solid liquid and gases if the pressure is high. In case of low pressure, gases produce line spectrum.

Which is the prefered type of battery for a laptop computer?

Lithium is the preferred type of battery

Which type of spectrum is produced when light from the sun passes through a prism?

It is the spectrum of visible light, which has the colors of the rainbow.

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