White body aircraft

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You probably mean "wide body aircraft". See Wikipedia. [tty]

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Q: White body aircraft
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How can differ a wide body aircraft from narrow body aircraft?

a narrow body aircraft have a single aisle while the wide body aircraft have two aisles.

What is an aircraft body?

The body of an aircraft or plane is called the fuselage.

What is the main body or body of an aircraft?

The main body of an aircraft is called the fusalage

Which airlines have only wide body aircraft in its fleet?

The Singapore Airlines fleet features exclusively wide-body aircraft from three aircraft.

What is the difference between a wide body and a narrow body aircraft?

Wide body aircraft have more than one aisle

What metal is in a aircraft body?

Aircraft are built mostly of aluminum and titanium.

What aircraft uses stringers as a part of a aircraft body?

Most aircraft use stringers as parts of the fuselage form.

Body parts of an aircraft?


Where is the hull of an aircraft?

the hull is the body of the aircraft, just like the hull of a ship is the body of the ship. it is the outside skin and the framework

How do aircraft manufacturers try to prevent corrosion?

The Aircraft Corrosion could be prevented by glazing the body of the aircraft and there would be no corrosion.

Which metals are used for making the body of and aircraft?

Aluminium is used for most parts on most aircraft.

What is meant by longitudinal dynamics of aircraft?

Longitudinal aircraft dynamics variables are (small) deviations from operating point or trim conditions state (components): u: velocity of aircraft along body axis v: velocity of aircraft perpendicular to body axis (down is positive) : angle between body axis and horizontal (up is positive) q : angular velocity of aircraft (pitch rate)

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