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Who are allies and who are adversaries or enemies to Afghanistan?


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enemies are pakistan, iran, turkemanstan,ubekstan, tajikistan russia, uk, usa, frence,

friend india all arab nation, austrial, germany, australia.china

pakistan is enemy because if afghanistan stand on it feet it will declare war as it has half of afghanistan known as durani lane.

iran is enemy because if afghanistan is develop it will stop 60% rain water and use it for storage and food usage. iran dont like this so it is war. in addition iran has a large city of afghanistan.

afghan say nothing is sweetern then revenge so war with russia.

turk, uzbet and tajkistan dont like afghanistan because afghan faught with them many time .

afghan are pure islamic and usa dont like it because usa wants afghan to be like usa which afghan refuse to and also afghan dont like be bossed around.

india used to be afghans land and left so much for india. as well as india being pakistan enemy. therefore india want afghanistan to be their allie.

all arab nation are there to help afghan and afghan will never forget this because it is one of their code of life.

afghans like germany and send many afghan to rebuild germany after ww2.

austrialia are old friend of afghans and afghan alway keep close to friend.

china provide help to afghans and afghan will never throw it back in their face

hope it help.