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Who are some people who have shown perseverance?

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There are many men and Women in History who refused to give up, even when things seemed difficult. Some examples in the US are Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Thomas Edison.

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Who are some people who showed perseverance in history?

Rosa Parks

What heroic qualities does Odysseus hold?

Perseverance, cleverness. Both shown by Odysseus.cleverness, courage and perseverancestrong clever persistant a good leaderthe heroic qualities that odyessues displays are that he is courageous,persistant and outgoing.

What are some of nelson mandela's virtues?


What bible character showed perseverance?

Perseverance is often shown in the Bible as well as examples with a lack of it. Perseverance is tied to obedience and patience. Perseverance is refusing to quit because you're bored, endangered, or offended. Noah was told to build an ark in the middle of a drought. Noah was ridiculed for months while he was building the ark but he kept at it. Joseph in the Old Testament (Genesis chapters 37-50) is one of the best examples of perseverance especially under hardship. Sold into slavery, imprisoned, and forgotten but he still did his best in everything he did and thought of others. Moses (in Exodus) showed great perseverance in freeing the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt. Moses never gave up.

How do people use the word perseverance in their everyday language?

Sofia, your perseverance has paid off and you have gone from a B student to an A student in 3months.

How did Martin Luther king Jr show perseverance?

he showed perseverance by not letting people put him down because if the color of his skin

What is a boy's name that relates to perseverance?

Here are some names that relate to constant, steadfast (synonyms of perseverance): Hector Kosta Constantin

A sentence with perseverance in it?

I was a perseverance boy

What is the meaning of perseverance in Filipino?

Tagalog translation of perseverance : tiyagaperseverance in Filipino: tiyaga

What are some character traits on Beverly cleary?

Perseverance and patience

What part of speech is perseverance?

Perseverance is a noun.

What is perseverance in Tagalog?

perseverance in Tagalog = pagtitiyaga

What is the symbol in Chinese for perseverance?

The Chinese character for perseverance is 忍.perseverance : 毅力/Yìlì

Can you give some examples of sentence with the word perseverance?

The word perseverance means to keep going or to keep trying when the going gets tough.During the 200 meter freestyle, I had the perseverance to keep on going even after I felt tired.

What is a symbol for Perseverance?

The American Flag is The Symbol of Perseverance.

Is perseverance a concrete noun?

Perseverance is abstract, not concrete.

How do you spell perseverance?

That is the correct spelling of the word "perseverance".

What is the Aramaic word for perseverance?

perseverance = התמדה (hatmadá)

What is the Scottish Gaelic for Perseverance?

Buan-leanaltas is 'perseverance'.

What color represents perserverance?

Blue is the color that signifies perseverance. This is something that some people lack, but blue is a great color to bring out the feeling to persevere.

What are some of Lance Armstrong's character traits?

Perseverance; strength; determination

What are some of madam cj walker traits?

Determination, perseverance, leadership.

Why is religion shown badly in the media?

Some of the people who own some of the networks are somewhat anti-religious.

Which is more important for the achievement of success intelligence or perseverance?

Intelligence is a definite asset however, to push forward and persevere success does follow. Perseverance is steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose or a state. Perseverance is important because without perseverance success is hard to come by. Finishing everything that you are assigned or you want to do is something you should persevere to do. Employers look for perseverant people because they know such people will finish whatever task given to them.

Symbols of perseverance?

Japanese symbol of perseverance is the Carp or Koi