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Who are the Islam leaders?

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the leaders in the relingon is either prophets or someone related somehow to prophet muhammad

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What is the title of and role of religious leaders of Islam?

There are no leaders of the Islam religion

Did Islam have good leaders?

As any God religion, the religious leaders of Islam are good and knowledgeable.

Are there any important leaders in Islam today?

hell no. Islam is a horrible place that needs no leaders, only cows.

Who were the leaders who spread Islam after Islam's death?

Islam is a religion not a spiritual leader. Islam is not dead.

Who were the first leaders of the Islam religion?


Which religion has leaders called caliphs?


Who are two leaders of the Islam community?

The two leaders of the Islam community are the Caliphs and Imams. They are the ones who serve as priest and provided necessary guidance in the religion.

What was the leaders of Islam called?

the leeder of islam is called ALLAH.he is the one who creat this world

Does islam have any religous leaders?

Islam religious leader is prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

What is Islam sacred leaders?

Their human leaders are the Mullah and the Ayatolla. Their god is Allah. Their prophet is Muhammad

What is the difference between caliphs and sultans?

caliphs were religious leaders of Islam; sultans were political leaders

Who are the key leaders of Islam?

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How many government leaders are there were their in ancient Islam?


What religion was introduced to Africa by Arab leaders?


Who were the founders or leaders of islam?

The religion?

What muslim group believed that only descendants of Ali can serve as the religious leaders of Islam?

The SHIITES believed that only descendants of Ali can serve as the religious leaders of Islam.

Who were the leaders of Islams?

With the name of almight Allah; leaders of Islam are Muhammad (last prophet of God), his successor Ali (first Caliph/Imam of Islam) and then progony of Ali (Imams).

What are the religious Islam mosue leaders called?

I tink its IMAM

Who are the religious leaders of he Islam religion?

There is a religious leader of the Islam religion. Islam is a way of life. the Prophet Muhammad sallal hu alay hi wasalam

What Islamic leaders were not forced to convert Islam?

No Islamic leader was forced to convert to Islam. It is a basic and explicit rule in Islam; per Quran; that no compulsion in religion.

Who does al-zawahiri consider enemies of Islam?

Al-Zawahiri is not a good example of Islam leaders to consider his views.

Leaders of Islam?

The original Muslim kings were called caliphs, or khalifas.

Who knows the types of religious leaders?

Islam - ImaamChristianity - Priest

How leaders is selected in Islam?

Leaders are selected by the Muslims within the Mosque because one person has the most knowledge on the Qur'an

What has the author Sonia Alianak written?

Sonia Alianak has written: 'Middle Eastern leaders and Islam' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Islam and state, Islam and politics