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Who are the urban justice league?



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Many superheroes in the D.C. comics series are a part of the Justice League of America, JLA for short. Some people who are definetely in the Justice League are Batman(Bruce Wayne), Superman(Kal-El), Wonder Woman(Diana), the Flash(Jay Garrick was the first Barry Allen was the second and the modern day flash is Wally West), Green Lantern(1st Hal Jordan 2nd Kyle Rayner), and the Martian Manhunter(J'onn J'onnz). Some people aren't exactly in the JLA. Some have resigned. Some are new. People who used to be in the JLA are Green Arrow, the Atom, Hawkman, and Black Canary. People who are now in the JLA are Big Barda(yeah...I've never really heard of her), Plastic Man, and some weirdo that I don't even know whose name is. So just because I know this doesn't mean I'm a nerd. Ah who cares? Maybe it does? Maybe it doesn't? But one thing I wanna make clear is that I'm not one of those forty-year-olds that live with their mom. I'm only 11.