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Carlos V, King of Spain, 1516-56, /Holy Roman Emperor

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Q: Who became king of Spain in 1516?
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When did Spain rule Holland?

ANSWER When the Emperor Charles V of Hapsburg became also King Charles I of Spain in 1516

Who was King of Spain in 1519?

Charles I was the King of Spain from 1516 until his death in 1556.

Who ruled spain in the 1500s?

In 1516, Charles V became the King of Spain. Spain ended up becoming more firmly enmeshed with the dynastic struggles of Europe.

Who was King of Spain in 1514?

Ferdinand ll was king of Spain in 1514. Ferdinand was king from 1479 until 1516. He was known as Ferdinand of Aragon.

When did King Ferdinand of Spain die?

King Ferdinand II died on June 23, 1516 in Madrigalejo, Spain for an unspecified reason.

Who was the king and queen of spain in 1518?

From 1516 to 1556 the King of Spain was Charles I. There was no Queen of Spain until Charles I married his cousin Isabella of Portugal in 1526.

Who was the King of Spain in 1525?

The King of Spain in 1525 was King Ferdinand who ruled from 1516 to 1555. His wife was his first cousin who he married in 1525 and her name was Isabella.

Who was the King and Queen of Spain in early 1500s?

Charles I was the first King of Spain. He inherited the Kingdoms of Castile, Leon, and Aragon in 1516. His Queen was Isabella of Portugal.

Who became King of Spain in 1566?

Philip II of Spain was King of Spain from 1556 until 1598

When did King Ferdinand II die?

King Ferdinand II died in 1516. He was King of Sicily until he married Queen Isabella. Then he became King of Castile.

Who was the King of Spain from 1516-1556?

Carlos I was the very first monarch of a united Spain. He was also known as Charles V Holy Roman Emperor.

Who was king or queen of spain 1552?

The King of Spain in 1552 was Charles I. Charles I ruled Spain from 1516 to 1556. He gave up some of the territory owned by Spain to his son Philip II in 1552. And then made his brother, Ferdinand, King of Spain the same year. This split the Netherlands away from Spain's rule.

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