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John C. Calhoun

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Q: Who believed that government could not ban or regulate slavery?
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who believed that government could ban or regulate slavery?

John C. Calhoun

Why did Thoreau believe it disgraceful to be associated with the American government at the time this essay was written?

Henry David Thoreau detested slavery and felt a government that allowed it was immoral. He refused to pay his taxes because he could not accept a government which continued to support slavery. He believed this to be the disgrace.

How could the government guarantee there would be no more slavery?

they could guarantee there would be no more slavery by the new law the government made:)

Who believed that if slavery stayed in the south it could be tolerated?

Stephen Douglas.

Who believed that only violence could end slavery?

john brown

What was a result of the deed Scott decision?

The Dred Scott v. Sandford decision in 1857 led to the ruling that African Americans could not be U.S. citizens and that the federal government could not regulate slavery in the territories. This decision further divided the nation on the issue of slavery, contributing to the tensions that eventually led to the Civil War.

What year did slavery start and why?

Slavery Has Been Around For A Long Time. It Is Believed That It Started At The Beginning Of The Human Race. People Believed That They Could Force others to Do Anything they Desired. Hope This helps :)

What was Lincolns stand on slavery?

Lincoln did not like slavery. He could see the injustice of keeping people in involuntary servitude , buying and selling them like cattle. However, he also believed in constitutional law and legal precedent which protected the institution of slavery and was not an abolitionist who believed that slavery should abolished by violent action. He hoped to find a peaceful to end slavery, perhaps by having the government buy the slaves and send to some foreign country as free men.

How has the court enlarged the role of federal government on slavery?

At first, the court said slavery was up to the states. Later, the court held that the federal government could make slavery illegal.

How according to Thoreau could people in America end slavery?

ins't not a good thinks

Why was the dred Scott decision a blow to those who opposed the extension of slavery?

The Dred Scott decision declared that enslaved people were not citizens and could not sue in federal court, effectively denying them any legal rights. This decision also stated that Congress could not prohibit slavery in the territories, further solidifying the institution of slavery in the United States. This was a blow to those who opposed the extension of slavery because it limited the federal government's ability to regulate or restrict slavery's spread to new territories.

How did Stephen Douglas think that people could get around the Dred Scott decision?

Stephen Douglas believed that people could ignore the Dred Scott decision by not enforcing it in certain territories, allowing people living in those territories to regulate slavery through popular sovereignty. He proposed the idea of "Freeport Doctrine," where he argued that territories could effectively prohibit slavery by not passing laws to protect it, despite the Supreme Court ruling.