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Who can amend the Constitution?

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There are two entities that can amend the Constitution:

  1. Constitutional Amendments are typically a joint venture between Congress and the states. Either the House of Representatives or the Senate may propose an amendment. The measure must receive a favorable vote from two-thirds of both houses of Congress, and is then sent to the states for ratification.

    In order for the amendment to be added to the Constitution, three-fourths of the state legislatures must ratify the amendment within a reasonable period of time. Congress determines the definition of "reasonable," but seven years is a common time frame.

  2. Article V of the Constitution provides that the Constitution may also be amended if the states call a constitutional convention, draw up an amendment, and ratify it by a "yes" vote of three-fourths of the convention. The last time the US held a constitutional convention was 1787, when the US Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation.
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What part of the Constitution tell how to amend the Constitution?

Article V describes how to amend the Constitution.

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Why did you amend the constitution?

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What court cases caused the Supreme Court to decide to amend the constitution?

The Supreme Court has no authority to amend the constitution.

Which part of the constitution tells how to amend the constitution?

Article 5.

Which Article detailed how to amend the Constitution?

article V of the constitution

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In comparison to the US Constitution how difficult is it to amend State constitutions?

In comparison to the United States Constitution, how difficult is it to amend State constitutions

What is necessary to add an amendment to US Constitution?

It is not necessary to amend the Constitution. It is a complete document. From time to time, people felt it would be beneficial to amend the Constitution in order to clarify the intent of the original Constitution.

Describe one of the ways to amend the constitutiom?

aricles sets forth the way to amend the constitution

What branch of government can amend the constitution?


What is required amend the constitution?

propose and then ratify.

Who has the authority to amend the constitution of India?


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How do citizens amend the Constitution?

by eating cheese

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Who can amend the Illinois Constitution?

the people who can amend Illinois constitution are the Illinois senate and house but only by calling a constitutional convention which a majority of the populace have to approve.

Did the framers make it too hard to amend the constitution?

The framers of the constitution provided for four different methods to amend the Constitution. This means that even if one avenue is blocked there are ways around it.

One way the Founders provided for change in the Constitution was to describe how?

Amend the constitution

Which articles would you look at to find out how to amend the constitution?

Article V of the Constitution.

Should The constitution be amended when necessary.?

Analyzing why might it be necessary to amend the Constitution?

How many Amendments are there to the US Constitution why it necessary to amend it?

there r 27 and its important to amend them so they can be remembered

What article tells how to ratify the constitution?

The word ratify means "to pass, or approve".So, you're essentially asking which article of the constitution tells us how to approve the constitution and make it law.I think what you mean is "What article tells us how to amend the constitution." To amend the constitution means to somehow change it, which has only happened 27 times.Article #5 tells us how to amend the constitution.

Which article tells how to amend the constitution?

article 5