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Who can help with placing an out-of-state property lien in the state of Oregon?

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I'm certain that you can find an Oregon attorney who will be happy to fulfill this function for you . . . for a fee.

2010-08-07 22:23:21
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Is Oregon a community property or individual state?

Individual state

Is Oregon inlet nc federal property?

No, it is within jurisdiction of the state of North Carolina.

what are property taxes?

Property Taxes are taxes paid on property owned. In the state of Oregon Property taxes pay for schools and many other public services. The tax is based on an apraised value of the property. Oregon has a high property tax rate but are still one of the few states without a sales tax.

Is Oregon My Oregon the state song for Oregon?

Yes, Oregon My Oregon is the state song for Oregon.

Is a girlfriend of 5 years entitled to half of property in the state of Oregon if you split?

Only that she contributed to

What state is Oregon in?

Oregon is not in a state, it is a state.

What is the richest city in Oregon?

Lake Oswego, a city situated around a lake south of Portland, Oregon, would be the richest incorporated city in the state of Oregon.Dunthorpe in a unincorporated suburb, just south of Portland, Oregon and north of Lake Oswego, has the highest property taxes in the state.

Why is Oregon state song called Oregon your Oregon?

Oregon state song is call "Oregon My Oregon". It is called Oregon My Oregon because you live their maybe?

What rights does a husband have to real estate and all other property in Oregon left solely to his wife by her father in an unwitnessed holographic will?

Oregon is not a community property state. The husband is not an heir of his wife's father. The husband has no rights in or to to the real estate.

What state would you need toget a letter of testamentary from if my mom died in Washington and i live in Oregon and my mom's will is from Oregon?

Generally, a will should be probated where the testator owned property.

What state is south of Washington state?

Oregon.Oregon .And under Oregon is California

What state is Oregon located in?

Oregon is a state and therefore can not be located in a state.

Was Oregon a slave state?

No. Oregon was not a slave state.

Who named the state of Oregon?

It is not known who named the state of Oregon. Oregon became a state on February 14, 1859. The Oregon territory was created in 1848.

What is the definition of a non community property state?

A non-community property state is a separate property state.A non-community property state is a separate property state.A non-community property state is a separate property state.A non-community property state is a separate property state.

Oregon is known as the what state?

Oregon is known as the "Beaver State"

When was Oregon made a state?

Oregon became a state in 1859

What is the state amphibian of Oregon?

Oregon currently does not have a state amphibian.

Does Oregon have a state amphibian?

No, Oregon does not currently have a state amphibian.

What is the state soil of Oregon?

The state soil of Oregon is Jory.

What is the state in Canada that borders Oregon?

There is no state in Canada that borders Oregon... Washington state, USA is between Oregon and Canada

Is Oregon a community property state?

No. In the United States there are ten community property states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. Alaska is an opt-in community property state; property is separate property unless both parties agree to make it community property through a community property agreement or a community property trust.

How old is the state of Oregon?

The state of Oregon was founded in 1859. Prior to that it was part of the Oregon Territory.

What is the state song?

Oregon my Oregon

What state is north of Oregon?

Washington state borders Oregon on the north. And Alaska is physically north of Oregon.