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The Supreme Court has the power to nullify any laws that violate the Constitution. The voters can vote Congressmen out of office if they do not serve the will of the people. The members of the House have to face the voters every other year and so have to be especially sensitive to public opinion.

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Q: Who checks Congress?
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What are the three checks of the power of congress?

what are the 3 checks of the power of congress

What are two examples of how checks and balances affect presidential powers and the powers of congress?

The first example is how congress checks the President: congress has to approve his cabinet appointments, Supreme Court appointees, and treaties. The President checks congress by having veto power over bills that they have passed.

What are the two ways that Congress checks the powers of the President?

Well, one of the ways that Congress checks the power of the President of the U.S. is through Checks and Balances. I do not know the other answer yet.

How congress can check congress?

using the system of checks and balances

The process by which Congress checks the bureaucracy is called?

Checks & balances

Who checks to see that the executive branch are working effectively?

Congress checks the executive branch

What checks does congress have on the powers of the president?

the congress can veto a law the president passed

How can the President check the powers of congress?

President doesnt check the powers of congress, congress checks the powers of the President

Who checks the President's power?

the congress(legislative branch) checks the powers of the president(executive branch).....

When Congress passes a law is that an example of checks and balances?

Since the Constitution places the power and responsibility for passage of legislation with the Congress, passing a law is more an example of the basic function of the legislative branch than an example of checks and balances. However, it could become an example of checks and balances if Congress passes a law, the President vetoes it, and Congress then overrides the President's veto as provided in the Constitution.

Presidents checks Congress through what?

The veto.

What is the role of congress in the system of checks and balances?

To enforce laws

Does the judical branch have checks on the other branches?

Yes the judicial branch checks the congress and president branch.

Name two checks and balances congress has on the president?

Congress can Override vetoes and Reject treaties.

The president can veto a law passed by congress but the congress can then override his veto what this is an example of?

checks and balances

What power does the the president have where he can check congress?

The President checks Congress when he vetoes a bill

What is one way the president checks congress?


What insures internal checks and balances in congress?


What part of the system of checks and balances is a power of congress?


Why do congress has to approve the president buget?

The Congress has to approve the president's budget to provide checks and balances where necessary.

What are the release dates for Facts of Congress - 2005 Checks and Balances 1-5?

Facts of Congress - 2005 Checks and Balances 1-5 was released on: USA: 1 January 2005

How can the president check the power of congress?

This deals with the system of Checks & Balances. The President can "check the authority of Congress" by rejecting a unconstitutional law proposed by Congress. this process is called veto.The President checks Congress when he vetoes a bill that the Congress has passed. Congress can check him if a 2/3 majority votes to override his veto.Also, the President can check Congress by using the media (the "bully pulpit") to set the agenda for Congress. Presidents also tend to have success with Congress proportional to their approval rating with the public. Thus, if a president has a high approval rating, it is likely that Congress will be willing to help him accomplish his goals.

How does checks and balances protect you from check balance?

Checks and balances is when they wanted to separate the power by adding a congress and a supreme court.

How does each of the nonlegislative powers of congress illustrate the system of checks and balances?

Congress has the power to do several things in order to instill checks and balances. Congress has the power to overturn Supreme Court rulings, impeach the President and to conduct trials and to remove officers from the other branches of government.

How the congress check the supreme court?

Congress checks the Supreme Court by approving or disapproving the judges that the president suggests