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hopefully the beneficiary had a trust or a will

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Q: Who collects when a policy was taken out on children by one parent and the beneficiary has recently passed away?
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Can a parent or guardian be the wrongful death beneficiary of his or her adult child in Alabama or Nebraska if that child has no wife or children?

The estate is the beneficiary of a Wrongful Death action. The parents and/or siblings would inherit from the estate.

Can a parent take out life insurance on their adult children?

Yes, an insured and a beneficiary have to have an insurable interest to be able to have a life insurance policy. Parents/children are considered to have insurable interest

How can a non custodial parent get reinburst from welfare when the custodial parent collects under false pretences?

"reimbursed" ... Not clear whether you mean collects welfare or collects child support, but in either case the answer is, the State will not reimburse the NCP.

Can you collect child support if the absent parent collects ssi?

No, you can not collect child support if the absent parent collects ssi. No matter what state you are in, anywhere in the united states. It's against the law!

Can you name your friend as a beneficiary?

A person can name anyone they choose to be a beneficiary. This can include a friend, child, spouse, parent or other relative. Some people even name organizations or charities as a beneficiary.

Are children in the state of Maryland responsible to pay a debt to a nursing care facility of a parent who is deceased and has no estate but did leave beneficiary funds in retirement system?

If funds are noy part of the estate then no

If a Child as Beneficiary does the parent have to show birth certification?

No. It's generally not a good idea though to have a child as beneficiary. They can't collect until 18. Estate Planning

How does an adult child become beneficiary after parent death and no will?

If there is no spouse the child would be the next of kin.

If a parent dies with 4 adult children beneficiaries on an annuity but one adult child has preceded the parent in death are the adult child's children entitled to any beneficiary rights?

It will depend entirely upon the wording of the bequest. In this case, it would be a good idea to consult a probate attorney. They will know the laws and wording required for your state or country.

Is there a minimum age for a person to be a beneficiary?

First, there is no minimum age for a person to be a beneficiary; however you must understand there is a distinction between ownership and possession of property. There is no minimum age for a person to own property; however the beneficiary must be an adult to be able to possess it. If a will gives property to two children, one under 18, the other over 18, they both have ownership, but only the adult is entitled to ownership at that time. If the beneficiary is under 18, the property he or she gets must be turned over to a duly appointed guardian or parent according to the laws of that state for safekeeping. When the minor becomes andult, the guardian/parent must turn over possession.

What is the definition of a single parent family?

A single parent family is a type of family with only one parent present with either a blood related child/children or an adopted one.

Can a parent who has had polio pass on abnormalities to their children?

Yes a parent who has had polio can pass on abnormalities to their children.

What are examples of nominative address of noun in a sentence?

Respect and obey your parent,children,parents, love your children.. -children,parent are the nominative-

Why are bastard children so bad and by bastard I mean single parent children?

They aren't "bad". Most single parent children have some kind of problem..but who doesn't have issues?? I grew up with only my mom until recently I got to know my dad. I STRONGLY believe that a child needs BOTH parents weather they are married or not. and I believe that you should never keep your child away from the "divorced" parent. Now THAT causes some major problems for the child and it strains the child's relationship with the parent keeping the kid away from the other parent.

A disabled parent on ssid how much would each of his children receive if the parent has three children?


Are child support payments by the noncustodial parent required if the custodial parent is remarried?

In general, yes. The payments are for the children, not the parent. The step-parent is not legally responsible for the children unless he adopts them.

Can I open a savings account for my child in UAE?

Yes, many banks in UAE offer savings account for children with no minimum balance requirement. They also give the option of Life Takaful cover for the Parent or Guardian with the child as beneficiary

What part of speech is parent?

Parent is a noun and a verb. Noun: She is a parent. Verb: She must parent her children now.

Is it good if you watch children?

watch children do what? If you are a parent or guardian, then it good if you watch your children. If you are not the parent or guardian and have no good reason to be watching children please seek help .

Can an adult who has one deceased parent sue the other parent for part of the life insurance settlement?

If the other parent is the sole beneficiary in the life insurance policy, no. Participate in the probate process and you might walk away with something. So sad that someone's child would sue their grieving parent. Only if there is some record that the deceased parent wanted the child to have part of the money. If nothing...the insurance company gives the money to the person that has been chosen as the beneficiary. That is all they are required by law to do.

What was the first parent group that organized for children with disabilities?

The first parent group that was organized for children with disabilities was The National Society for Crippled Children in 1921.

Can a divorced parent with children leave the country?

without the children

Can a parent refuse to take care of children while the other parent works?

You'd be a terrible parent if you did

What happens to children of single-parent families when the parent is unemployed?

They stay with the parent and continues in school.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a reconstituted family?

Well' the children may not get along or like each other. The children may feel neglected of attention with a new parent/adult in the house and more children. The children may develop their character skills by communicating with the new children and parent Also, the children will be able to have a new parent and children in their lives.