Who colonised Somalia?

Starting in the late nineteenth century, Somalia began to be colonized by Europe. Britain, France, Italy, Egypt and Ethiopia colonized Somalia. Egypt first took over the coast in 1875. Britain wanted to take over the coast of Somalia, in order to guard the Suez Canal. Britain negotiated with local tribe leaders to gain more land. Five years after Egypt's colonization, Britain created the British Somali land (Somalia History). Britain also wanted most of the northern coast to gain resources such as mutton and livestock. The French on the other hand originally wished for a part of Egypt but were expelled by the British. There they had wanted a coal station on the red sea to strengthen links with China. Because they couldn't receive the part of Egypt, they took control of a section of Somalia. Italy was the most inexperienced country out of the Europeans. They only wished not to deal with any other countries while conquering a country. They got just this and took over southern Somalia without any issues