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White men

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Q: Who could vote when the country was founded?
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Can a country vote itself out of the European union?

A country could have a referendum to ask its people if they want to leave. If the people voted for this, the country could then leave.

In which year the women in France won the right to vote?

French women could not vote until 1944. Relatively late for a civilised country.

What was the second state where women could vote?

It didn't go by state, but by amendment to the constitution. The 19th amendment was passed and women could vote through out the United States.

Who could not vote in Rome?

Only the men that were rich could vote, women could not vote.

What country were cookies founded?

they were founded in Hawaii

When a country can vote for their leader this is a characteristic of a?

It is a characteristic of democracy when a country people can vote for their leader.

Which is more important the popular vote for a state or the popular vote for the entire country?

entire country

What religion was founded in Afghanistan?

Islam was not founded in that country.

Who was initially allowed to vote when the country first gained its independence?

This is for the U.S. When we gained independence only men that had a higher status could vote, such as men that owned land and who were educated.

Which country was First Premier Bank founded in?

The country that the First Premier Bank was founded in was Canada.

What country was neon founded?

your moms country

Who could vote in hitlers Germany?

Anybody could vote if they were gay!!