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Who defeated the Spartans?

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The Spartans never really recovered from the huge loss of life in 465 BC earthquake and subsequent helot revolt as well as wars with Argives and Arcadians (except Mantineans) which came immediately after epic war with Persia, and basically ended in the eve of the Great earthquake.

Wounded Sparta then embarked on a very tough, civil war equivalent - Peloponnesian war(s). But it ended it not as a former military power, though still strong, but as more of a political power, which at the end of an exausting war gave them a victory. But at what cost? Spartan system crumbled, adn with citizen population decimated, their army was no longer an elite, their warriors weren't bred from childhood to be the best in Greece, but most of the army were now either free semi trained periokoi (second class citizens) or even freed helots (public slaves).

Finally, Thebans, which rose to power in Greece in 4th century BC after almost 800 years since last heyday, defeated Spartan army in the battle of Leuctra in 371 BC, officially ending the very slow process of Spartan power fading, which started almost immediately after Persian wars. That wasn't the first nor the last defeat Spartans had suffered, but it was probably the most decisive, as it never recovered its power.

But only few decades later, Thebans also fell to the power of Alexander the great and Hellenistic kingdoms, who again, after Alexander's death soon fell to the Romans, together with entire Greece.

Sparta was slowly reduced to a remote village, a Roman tourist attraction, and in the early middle ages, after several barbarian attacks and fall of Rome, it ceased to exist until refounded by modern Greeks as Sparti in the end of 19th century where it still stands.

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Q: Who defeated the Spartans?
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What did the Spartans do to the helots that defeated them?

If the helots defeated the Spartans, the Spartans, being defeated, could not do anything to them.

What Persian king defeated the Spartans?


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Who defeated the Spartans after the Peloponnesian war?


What did the Spartans force the athenians to do when they defeated them?

Give up its empire.

How were the Spartans defeated at Thermopylae?

The Persians outflanked the rear guard and destroyed the defenders .

When was the last time Michigan State went to the Rose Bowl?

1988 ... the Spartans defeated USC 20-17.

Who did the Spartans fear the most within the city states?

The Spartans feared no one. They led a confederation of city-states (the Peloponnesian League) which defeated the over-confident rival Athenian empire in the Peloponnesian War.

How were the Spartans defeated?

The Spartans were never totally defeated, however, they had one loss in their almost perfect record. The Battle of Thermopylae. There were about 7,000 Greek men at the Pass. There was a secret pass around the mountain that would lead the Persians around behind the Greeks, and this path was told to them by a greek traitor. Knowing this, King Leonidas sent 6,000 of his men away, leaving 300 Spartans and another 700 other Greeks. The Persians came around and hit them from behind. It was a slaughter. Luckily,the Spartans drove off the Persians at the battle of Marathon.

Who was defeated in Persian wars?

In both invasions of Greece by Persia, the Persian armies were defeated by Greek hoplites and soldiers. The major losses were the famous 300 Spartans and 1,000 Thesbians who defended Thermopylae to protect Athens.

What happened to the greek empire?

The Greek Empire was first overtaken by the Spartans. Then, the Roman Empire defeated the Greeks and the Greek Empire no longer existed.

Where did Sparta defeat Athens?

The Spartans led the Peloponnesian League, which defeated Athens in the 27-year Peloponnesian War 431-404 BCE.

Who came first vikings or Spartans?


Did Persia allied with Sparta?

No, the Spartans did not ally with Persia, but they allied with the Athenians or Greeks, or else there would not have been the famous 300.The Spartans allied with the Athenians during the Thermopylae battle, the Persian wars and the peloponnesian war. After 3 years of war following the stand of the 300 the Spartans and Athenians defeated Persia!Sparta never allied with Persia!

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Who did the Spartans admire?

Spartans? Huh, Nobody.The Spartans Idol Was Themselves...

How might the Persian Wars have ended if the Spartans had not followed the Persian at Thermopylae?

The Spartans did not 'follow' the Persians - they were part of a blocking force which delayed the Persian army for three days, and had no effect on the following two-year campaign which defeated the Persians at the battles of Salamis, Plataia and Mycale.

What was the name of the Persian Army during the rule of Darius and Xerxes?

The Persians greatest army was The Immortals. There were about 10,000 of them and as soon as one died another Immortal replaced him. They were all specially trained warriors. They also had smaller weaker army that were defeated at Thermopylae. The Greeks and Spartans were defeated though because a Greek spy told the Persians a way around the pass of Thermopylae and the Greeks and Spartans were surrounded.

What religion were the Spartans?

the Spartans were polytheistic

Where did Persia defeated Sparta in 480 B.C.?

The Spartans , along with a Greek coalition of other city-states , were overwhelmed by Persian forces at the pass of Thermopylae : The Battle of Thermopylae .

What slogan can be given for Spartans?

Spartans are martins!

Did the Greeks beat the Spartans?

No, the Spartans were Greek.

Are the Spartans from Rome or Greece?

The Spartans are Greeks.

Why is Spartans called Spartans?

Because they were from Sparta.

Who was the Spartans enemy in the movie 300?

The Persians were the Spartans enemy and totally outnumbered the Spartans 300