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Who did Catherine the Great marry?


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Catherine the Great was Empress of Russia.

She married Peter III of Russia

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Catherine the Great lived in Germany until she was 14 and sent away to marry Peter the Third of Russia.

Catherine Carey went on to marry Sir Frances Knollys and founded a great Elizabethan dynasty

Catherine is supposed marry shaggy beard but he died so she married his son hope this helped!!!!!

After Catherine Howard he married Catherine Parr

Catherine Linton (Little Cathy) does marry Linton Heathcliff, yes.

In order to marry Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII had to receive a papal bull from the Pope stating that Catherine was indeed a virgin and that Henry could marry his brother's widow.

In 1745,Catherine the Great married then Grand Duke Peter Romanov. He became Tsar Peter III in 1762. He also became dead later in 1762, when Catherine, her lover and some friends had Peter murdered so she could become Empress.

Catherine the great is also known as Catherine II of Russia.

He married three:- Catherine of Aragon- Catherine Howard- Catherine Parr

No, her parents wanted her to marry, but she became a Dominican tertiary.

Enchanted by her beauty.

She was raised a Catholic, but converted to Russian Orthodox in order to be be able to marry her husband Czar Peter III

Catherine the Great died of a stroke in 1796

Catherine the Great ruled Russia.

Catherine the Great reigned from 1762-1795.

Catherine the Great was Tsar of Russia.

Catherine the Great was the ruler of Russia.

Dickens married Catherine Hogarth on 2 April 1836.

Russia was ruled by both Peter the Great and Catherine the Great.

peter the great is a boy and catherine the great is a girl

Catherine the Great was born on May 2, 1729.

Catherine the Great was born in Szczesin, Poland.

because he didn't have a boy baby they only had a girl and Catherine of Aragon couldn't have any more baby's so Henry divorced Catherine of aragon to marry Anne Boleyn

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