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Who did king Charles II give the New Netherland colony to?

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His brother, the Duke of York. The Duke of York then renemed the colony 'New York'.

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Why did King Charles II want New Netherland colonies?

Charles wanted the New Netherland Colonies for trade and land.

New York colony?

The New York Colony was first known as New Netherland and it was owned by the Dutch. When King Charles II took over New Netherland, he gave it to his brother, the Duke of York, and renamed the colony New York in honor of his brother. Hope this helps... History is my worst subject so sry i could'nt give more info lol -TaraBelle :)

He wanted to make New Netherland an English colony in 1664?

King Charles the second wanted to make New Netherlands an English colony. At the time New Netherlands was a Dutch settlement.

Who were important people who helped settle the colony of new york?

Well originally there was New Netherland who was settled by the Dutch but then King Charles II made the Dutch surrender to him and his army. So the King then had it. Then King Charles II gave New Netherland to his brother the Duke of York and renamed it New York after his brother. I hope this helped.

How did the colony of New York get started?

The New York colony started when King Charles II decided to send his brother, the Duke of York, to drive out the Dutch from New Netherland. Therefore, New York was then named after the Duke of York.

Who was the founder of Maryland colony?

king Charles was the founder of Maryland colony.

What did King Charles II do to get control of New Netherland?

he helped the pope and the pope declared him as a emperor

What colony was named after King Charles II?

King Charles II granted a charter for a new colony to establish the area of Carolina. Charles Town(now Charleston), the biggest of South Carolina at the time, was named after the King.

Did King Charles II give the land to his brother after New Amsterdam surrendered?

yes he did he was an unfair ruler he was hated by many in his colony

What colony was named after king Charles II brother?

New York Colony, was named for James, Duke of York the brother of King Charles II. James would later become King James II.

Who started the colony of North Carolina?

king Charles 2 started this North Carolina colony

Who ruled The colony of Connecticut?

King Charles the second ruled the colony of Connecticut starting in 1639.

Who founded the Colony of New York in 1624?

In 1624 the Dutch first settled the area now known as New Netherland. The Dutch were financed by Dutch West India Company. Then in 1664 a man named the Duke of York, King Charles II brother became the owner of new netherland and renamed it New York:)

Who were the most important people to the North Carolina Colony?

The eight English nobles, King Charles l, and King Charles ll.

Who founded colonial New York?

Peter Minuit founded New York in1626. At this time the colony was called New Netherland. In 1674, King Charles II took over and named it New York, after his brother, the Duke of York.

How did the colony of Maryland get started?

As the result of a Charter granted by King Charles I.

What three commands did the king give to the first settlers of the Jamestown colony?

What three commands did the king give to the first settlers of Jamestown colony

What colony was named in honor of English king george 2?

what colony was named in honor of the English kiing Charles two

What colony was named after the man who was given the land by king Charles the second?

Pennsylvania is named for William Penn who received the land in the Colonies from King Charles II

Who founded the colony North Carolina?

Colonial North Carolina was founded by king george or king Charles the second

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