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Who flew the sopwith triplane?


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November 25, 2008 11:11PM

The Sopwith Triplane was flown by both the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service. It took the Germans entirely be surprise and led to them creating the Fokker Dr I triplane, themselves. In the only known instance of a triplane vs triplane encounter, the Sopwith, flown by a member of the famous Black squadron (predominently Canadian pilots) shot down the Fokker, which was flown as a 'loaner' to a member of Von Richtoffen's 'Flying Circus'. Motorcycle fans may recognise the names of some of the Black squadron as, Black Shadow, Black Lightening, Black Prince, etc, which were used as model designations by HRD-Vincent Motorcycles. The Sopwith Triplane did not have a long service life and was replaced the Camel by the time the RFC and RNAS became the Royal Air Force. Regards Richard Wm Short

Ottawa - Canada