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Who found the colony of North Carolina?

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History has a little proof on it that North Carolina was founded by Virginia colonists.

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The people in the North Carolina Colony use to grow corn and tobacco.

king Charles 2 started this North Carolina colony

Royal Colony of North Carolina was created in 1729.

Royal Colony of North Carolina ended in 1776.

Does my colony north carolina a good colony i think it is a gret colony because its peacefull

The North Carolina colony was a colony for only 60 years

That colony would be North Carolina.

The first colony was in north America and not in north Carolina was found in 1585 And by sir Walter Raleigh and war started and it was destroyed by other people thet wanted them to suffer

The Virginians founded the colony of North Carolina. This colony was founded in 1653 and South Carolina was founded in 1729.

The Didn't the virgians found the colony

The colony north of Georgia was South Carolina.

North CarolinaIt was North Carolina

North Carolina became a royal colony in the year of 1744.

No. It was a British colony.

Giovanni da Verrazzano sailed along the coast of North Carolina but he did not found any colony.

The North Carolina colony was founded because the Virginia colonist wanted to have religious freedoms

the North Carolina colony main cash crop was growing tobacco and corn

The people at Roanoke colony disappeared and were never heard from again. Otherwise, the North Carolina colony (after Roanoke of course) was a success.

The colony divided in 1712 because they felt it was too large to govern.

No. The first colony was Jamestown in Massachusetts.

clothing that colonial north carolina wear

north carolina or south carolina

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