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Jainism was founded by Vardhamana, or otherwise known as Mahavira, in 6th century BC. He founded Jainism in India. He apparently founded Jainism as a response to the Verdic Religion, which required animal sacrifices. Jainism main belief is non-injury to all living organisms, or ahimsa. There is not a main god that created everything, but there are minor gods for different parts of life.

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What year jainism founded?

it was founded in 550 BC in the Jainism

What civilization founded jainism?

The Indian civilization founded Jainism. Jainism is a breakaway religion from Hinduism.

How old is jainism?

Jainism was founded sometime between the 6th and 9th century.

Why was jainism formed?

Jainism was founded in the 6th century BC as a revolt against hinduism.

Who was the jains founder?

Jainism was founded by Rishabh dev.

Where was jainism founded?

India by first tirthankar Rushabhdev.

What major religion was founded by Mahavira in the sixth century?


Who is founder of jainism?

Lord MAhavira founded the jain community in 550 B.C.

When was Jainism founded?

jainism was founded by first thirthankar adinath (rishabdev) times immemorial. its very wrong to intrept that it was mahaveera. the fact is mahaveer was last thirthakar (24th) who carried over the mantle till the next thirthankara will incarnate on the earth.

Does Hinduism derive from jainism?

no Jainism is a slightly smaller branch that was actually derived from Hinduism or at least we think... Both religions were founded at roughly the same time and it is still unknown who founded Hinduism and thus, unknown about who founded Jainism. However, what we do know is that one of the most early, remote Indian religions called Vedism was definitely founded way before the two so it is most likely that they both derived after Vedism established and both are a probable branch of Vedism which has gone on to become gargantuan faiths; even bigge than Vedism itself!

Which two religions began in south Asia?

Four major religions were founded in South Asia: HINDUISM, BUDDHISM, SIKHISM, and JAINISM.

Does jainism have a deity?

Jainism has no deities.

In the age of mahavira jainism was called as?

Jin Sashan was names for jainism in the age of jainism

Who is the founderof jainism?

The founder of Jainism is Mahavira. He is considered to be the last Tirthenkara or teacher of Jainism.

Who believes in Jainism?

Jains believe in Jainism.

What is the Jainism popuation?

The Jainism population has about 43,000,000 Jains.

What is the place of Jainism in the world?

universe is the place of jainism

Who is the founder of the Jainism religion?

Mahavira was the founder of Jainism.

How Jainism developed from Hinduism?

Jainism did not develop from Hinduism.

Why Jainism ended?


Is Jainism hierarchical or autonomous?

jainism is hierarchically followed

What is the religion based in the teachings of Mahavira?

Its called Jainism. Derived from the word jina which means to conquor.. Mahavira got d title of Jina after he got the Kaivalya gyana, which means the supreme truth. though the orthodox jains belive that there were 24 tirthankars who founded and preached jainism, mahavira was the last and the most popular one, also, he brought many changes to the old jainism.

What are the founders of different religion?

Moses founded Judaism. Zarathustra founded Zoroastrianism. Jesus Christ founded Christianity. Mohammad founded Islam. Buddha founded Buddhism. Mahavira founded Jainism. Lao Tzu founded Taoism. Confucius founded Confucianism. Nanak and 9 other kings founded the Sikh religion The Bab & Bah-u-llah founded Baha'i. Shinto is a Japanese religion. Nobody knows who founded that religion. Hinduism is one of if not the oldest religious tradion. As such no known founder is known. "Self" invented Athiesm

How did the popularity of Jainism decline?

Popularity of Jainism never declined.

When Jainism relogion began?

Jainism began in1204 b.c