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Who founded the Maine colony?

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The colony of Maine was never actually founded, as it existed originally as part of the colony of Massachusetts. The district of Maine seceded from Massachusetts on March 15, 1820.

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Maine wasn't a colony. It was part of New Hamshire. Therefore, no one could have founded it.

New Hampshire and Maine.

The first settlement in the state of Maine was founded in 1604. This colony was established by Samuel de Champlain who claimed it for France.

No. The colony of Maine did not have slaves because there was no colony of Maine.

Maine was its own colony -Leppis

Maine was not one of the original thirteen colonies.The province within its current boundaries became part of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1652.The secession and formation of the state of Maine as the 23rd state occurred on March 15, 1820.

The Province of Maine was founded in 1622 by Sir Ferdinando Gorges who held the land patent but never saw the New World.March 15, 1820 Prior to 1820, the area now known as Maine was part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Maine was a colony of Massachusetts until 1820.

Maine was founded in 1820 by Massachusetts Bay.

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The last colony to be founded in America was the colony of Georgia. It was founded in 1732, while the first colony was formed in 1607, Virginia.

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