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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) was founded by Joseph Smith, Jr.The Mormons were led to Utah by Brigham Young after Joseph Smith was murdered.


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Brigham Young led the Mormons to Utah.

In 1844 the Mormons followed Brigham Young to what would become the Utah Territory.

Brigham Young. The 2nd president of the church.

In 1844 the Mormons followed Brigham Young to what would become the Utah Territory.

The Mormons, led by Brigham Young, came to Utah a few years before the civil war.

Utah was founded by Mormon Pioneers. They first arrived in the area in 1847, when it was part of Mexico. At the time they were led by Brigham Young. That being said Native Americans "founded" Utah long before.

Brigham Young lead the first group of Mormon Pioneers to Utah Territory (which was then Mexico) in 1847.

He didn't. The Utah territory was already known in Brigham Young's time, he led the Mormons there. It was not yet a state at the time.

Brigham Young did not start any religions. He was the second leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) which was founded by Joseph Smith, Jr. He led the Mormons from Illinois to Utah after Joseph Smith was murdered.

Their neighbors grew angry at the practices and so they had to move because of their beliefs.

Brigham Young led the Mormons out of Illinois in a mass exodus to present-day Utah.

Brigham Young lead the first group of Mormon Pioneers to Salt Lake City, Utah. Later groups were lead by experienced trail guides who had traveled the trail with Brigham Young.

Brigham Young became a leader of the Mormoms and led the religious group to settle in Salt Lake City. Utah was not yet a US State. In 1848, Utah was ceded to the USA from Mexico.

Yes, the pioneers were led by Brigham Young to Utah.

Brigham Young was the spiritual leader of the Mormons at the time, and Mormons believe that he was directed by God in mapping their migration west. While a small group did travel with Brigham Young, most Mormons were divided into companies (groups) and traveled west under the leadership of a company guide.

No one has taken over the Mormons. The Mormons are currently led by the latter-day prophet: Thomas S. Monson.

The city was founded in 1847 as Great Salt Lake City by a group of Mormon pioneers led by their prophet, Brigham Young.

Brigham Young was the leader who led Mormons on a trek to Salt Lake.

It was very important. He led them to the Salt Lake Valley and set up Salt Lake City, now a sprawling metropolis that is the capital of Utah.

Mormons believe that the church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth by Jesus Christ himself and that the church is led by Jesus Christ through living prophets and apostles. Mormons believe in the bible but the church is directed by revelation from God. Mormons believe that they can know the truth of this and be personally led by their own personal revelation.

The first group of Mormon Pioneers were lead to Utah by Brigham Young.

The Mormon Pioneers travelled to Utah in dozens of small groups over a period of about 20 years. Each one of these small groups had their own leader, generally a young man in his 20's or 30's who had prior experience on the trail or in the west. Overall, Brigham Young is the one who directed them to move to Utah, and Mormons believe that Brigham Young was led by God to the exact place where they would first settle in Salt Lake City.

The Latter-Day Saints (of the last days) are called Mormons because Joseph Smith wrote a book that claims Jesus after death spoke to a man named Mormon and his son Moroni. Smith was killed in 1844 and in 1847, Brigham Young led a group of Mormons from Missouri to Utah.

The people of the Mormon Church of more properly, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, settled in Utah after their first leader Joseph Smith was murdered in Missouri. Their Church had been persecuted and they, under Brigham Young, were sure that they were going to found a new Zion in Utah. There is no record of the 1845 slogan coined by the journalist John L. O'Sullivan called the "manifest destiny" that led the Mormons to Utah.

The Mormons were settled in Nauvoo, Illinois on the banks of the Mississippi river. They were then forced to leave in 1846, essentially the then United States and travel to what is now Utah. Brigham Young, the prophet at the time, led them there, as he saw in a vision the place where they were to go and flourish, as they did in Utah. They reached the Salt Lake valley in 1847.

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