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Who has sold more albums than the beatles?


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Garth Brooks has sold more than 200 million records world-wide between 1989 and 2009. While the Beatles have sold over 1 billion records world-wide since 1963. Elvis Presley has also sold more than 1 billion records as of 2009. Both Elvis and The Beatles reign supreme because even though they were the biggest sellers in the 50s (Elvis) and 60s (Beatles) they have retained their popularity with future generations, despite the Beatles disbanding in 1970 and Elvis passing in 1977. Both Elvis Presley and The Beatles continue to get into the charts even now with their old songs. The Beatles have had their entire album catalog re-chart several times, such as in 2009. Presley also had several of his songs get back to #1 in the 2000s. No other act or group can compare to the track record of them, even someone like Garth Brooks, who has never released an album that has not been a hit.