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Who has the best individual soldier quality in the contemporary world?


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November 08, 2007 9:28AM

Germany has always had and will always have the coolest military, without a doubt.

In contemporary times Germany politically keeps a low profile due to "soft" politicians that are reluctant to enter world affairs, the "soft" constitution that restricts the use of the military for defensive purposes only and of course the Second World War memories within the nation. However, the warrior people that the Germans really are deep down has not been suppressed (as they are the descendants of the Saxons, Goths, Prussians and Vikings) and lets remember that although Germany lost the First and Second World Wars, the nation has won more wars than lost throughout history and has an excellent military tradition. I know that does not count for everything so some additional facts: Overall Germany has one of the highest levels of military technology (although does not solely rely on it as do the US, Chinese and Russian militaries to name a few), the best intelligence agencies in the world and the military actually focuses on individual soldier quality because of low personnel numbers and the fact that most surrounding nations in Europe would love to have a go at Germany if given the chance. Therefore, the German military aims to make every soldier count (as do the British and Australians). The German arms company Heckler & Koch makes the finest weapons in the world and is the main weapons supplier for Germany, and German soldiers also use the most effective unarmed fighting systems in the world: Wing Tsun, Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do. Whenever talking about individual soldier quality it all comes down to fighting spirit from within the indivdual, military tradition, national history and genes/ethnicity. For the Germans, all of them are already warriors even if they may not know it.