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Who in the Bible switched their children?

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Moses and possibly others were involved in what might be called Child swaps.

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What was job's children names in the bible and their children?

What were the names of job's children in the bible

Where in the bible it spoke of children making children?

nowhere, that quote isn't from the bible

How many children did Adam in the bible have with eve?

The bible does not mention the exact number of children they had.

What are some good children Bible movies?

Some good Bible movies for children are Testament: The Bible in animation; Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible; Animated Stories from the Bible and the Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible.

Did Nehemiah from the Bible have children?

There are none recorded in the Bible

Who first children in the bible?

Cain and Abel were the first children in the bible, both were born to Adam and Eve.

When was The Work of God's Children Illustrated Bible created?

The Work of God's Children Illustrated Bible was created in 2010.

How many times is children of Israel mentioned in the Bible?

The phrase "children of Israel" appears in 604 verses of the KJV bible.

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Did Jonah have children?

The Bible does not mention if he did or not.

Did Dainel in the bible have children?


How many times does children appear in bible?

The word "children" is in the King James Version of the Bible 1814 times. It is in 1516 verses.

What Bible character had the most children?

Solomon had 88 children

What happen to Jezebel children?

is jezebel children in the Bible

Who was rebekkah's children in bible?

Jacob and Esau were Isaac and Rebekah's children.

What mother in the bible had the most children?

Most theologians believe that Eve had the most children but the Bible does not specifically state the most prolific mother.

What are the release dates for Children of the Bible - 2009?

Children of the Bible - 2009 was released on: Israel: October 2009 USA: February 2010

Does the Bible say in the last day children will be having children?

The bible does not say anything like this . But it clearly states that children will disobey theirparents and Moral of these children will be bad. Like in Noahs days before the flood.

Does the bible have a reference of parents respecting their adult children?

Yes the bible tells fathers not to grieve their children. A father's children are supposed to subject to him in and out of love and not fear or because he is overbearing and threatening.

What does the Bible say will happen if a child is not baptised?

A:The Bible does not even mention the baptism of children.

What does the word ox mean in the Bible?

An ox is an ox, same in the bible as in children books.

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What woman in the bible had the most children?


How many children did rachel have in the bible?