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A doctor by the name of Charles Browne Fleet invented lip balm, but he couldn't make it sell. He sold the recipe to a guy named John Morton. It was Morton and his wife who stated producing the familiar pink stuff. The Chapstick name and recipe was bought out by the current company, Wyethe Laboratories, in the 60's. The company is currently located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Q: Who invented Chapstick lip balm?
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Related questions

Is there a difference between lip balm and chap stick?

No, Chapstick is a brand name for lip balm. Like Nike is to shoes, chapstick is to lip balm.

When was Chapstick invented?

Dr. C. D. Fleet, a physician from Lynchburg, Virginia, invented Chapstick or lip balm in the early 1880s.

Is chapstick the same as lip balm?

Chap-Stick is a particular brand of lip balm.

Is chapstick the same thing as lip balm?

Yes that's what I found

Which lip balm is better Lip Smackers or Chapstick?

It depends on whether you want shiny lips. If you do, pick Lip Smackers. Chapstick is for people who don't want shiny lips.

Who invented chap sticks?

Dr. C. D. Fleet a physician who came form Lynchburg, Virginia, invented Chapstick,lip balm, ect in early 1880s.

Can lip balm specifically burts bees be addictive?

yes. especially the cooling part right after you put the chapstick on. it's the best lip balm ever.

From where can one purchase ChapStick lip balm?

One can purchase ChapStick lip balm at stores like Shoppers' Drug Mart, No Frills, Real Canadian Super Store, Walmart, Target, Metro, Longo's, Price Chopper, etc.

What are some flavors of ChapStick?

There are quite a few enticing flavors of ChapStick. Among these flavors are apple and Cherry. ChapStick is a make of lip balm made by the company Pfizer.

Does Burts Bees lip gloss work the same way as Chapstick?

Burts Bees lip gloss is made with all natural oils to leave your lips shiny and soft, however it does not protect your lips from sun and wind the same as Chapstick. Chapstick is a lip balm made of waxes.

What are some good lip balm recipes?

Why would you want to make lip balm. Go buy Chapstick at your local areas. It's not that expensive. If you buy one, you can look at the ingridients on the back, so. :)

Which is better lip balm or chapstick for chapped lips?

Both work well but I prefer conditioning treatments personally. I guess that would be closer to lip balm. This DCT is really great and gives lips a nice shine.

Who invented lip balm?

In the early 1880's, Dr. C. D. Fleet invented lip balm, but called it chap stick. == ==

What is the average price of a chapstick holder?

Usually just $1-$2. A lot of purses made for women have compartments to keep things like lipstick and Chapstick brand lip balm in. Some lip balms even come with a small pouch.

What can one do with a chap stick?

ChapStick is a lip balm applied to prevent chapped lips. ChapStick is applied to the lips and helps prevent the drying of lips from the effects of cold and wind. It also softens the skin.

Who in invented EOS lip balm?

james oglethorpe

Which lip balm is the best for chapped lips?

personally, I'd say Chapstick, but i know that alot of balms from body shop work very well.

Why was lip balm invented?

Hi, In the early 1880's, Dr. C. D. Fleet invented lip balm, but called it chap stick. It was said to have been made for himself out of bee's wax and honey :D

What is the best lip balm?

Some popular lip balm brands include: - Soft Lips - Blistex - Carmex - Burt's Bees - SanRe - C.O. Bigelow - Kiehl's - Vaseline - Bag Balm - Chapstick

What not to use while your lip piercing is healing?

-Mouthwash with alcohol -peroxide -alcohol -Don't put chapstick/lip balm around the actual piercing. You can use it just not on it.

Does lip balm expire?

no lip balm does not expire

How do you make your own lip balm without beeswax and vaseline?

U just put lip gloss in a container put chapstick mix it put in the microwave for 30 seconds put oil mix and put in the fridge and enjoy it.

Is lip gloss and lip balm the same thing?

Lip balm is more denser then lip gloss, in lip balm there isn't really any color and if it has any color is is very little. Lip gloss is much more liquid then lip balm but it also has pigments. Lip gloss is good for your lips because if it has vitamin e it smooth your lips but lip balm can do this and more. Lip balm has many more ingredients like: Shae butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and some oil for the sent. So NO, lip balm and lip gloss is not the same!!!

What makes a girl taste sweet?

Well first I hope you didn't bite a girls face but if you are talking about lips I would say flavored lipgloss, Chapstick, or lip balm

Is Vaseline rosy lips a bad lip balm?

no, vasaline is a very good lip balm its better then normal lip balm because lip balm, lip gloss and mostly lip stick they all have led and fish scales in them. SO USE VASALINE THATS WHAT I DO