Who invented Email?

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email was invented by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. It was improved in 1972 to include multiple users. On a related note, the world's first integrated email system was invented by Dr.V A. Shiva Ayyadurai aka Dr. E-Mail from MIT. He designed the first email system in 1980.

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  1. it was in my ballzz
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Ray Tomlinson

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Ray Tomlinson in 1971

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Q: Who invented Email?
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Who invented the Email?

i invented the email!

When was the Email invented?

The email was invented in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson.

Who discover email?

Email was invented at MIT in the early 1970's. it was not "discovered " because it did not exist before it was invented.

WheRE was email invented?


Why was E-mail invented?

Email was invented with the intention of connecting users and being able to share information on a computer. Email was invented in 1965 with the use on local computers.

What was the month the email was invented?


Who wrote the first email program?

Ray Tomlinson invented the first internet based email. The first email program was invented in late 1971 for the ARPANET while Tomlinson worked for BBN.

Who invented wireless email?

Geoff Goodfellow

Who was the person who invented email?

Rahul Dravid

What did ray tomlinson invent?

he invented email

What country was email invented?

U.S Delaware

When where was the first email invented?

Ray Tomlinson is credited with inventing email in 1972.

Who created the email?

In 1975 the emailing had been invented and the person who invented the emailing is Steve walker.

Who invented the sign in email?

E-mail and @ sign were invented by Ray Tomlinson. by aliou waiga.

What was used before email was invented?

Fax machines.

What day was email invented?

1745 Jan 12

Who wrote the first email programs?

me i invented the programs

When year invented the first email program?


Who invented Email and when did they invent it?

In 1971 by Ray Tomlinson.

Who invented the E-Mail?

It was invented by Ray Tomlinson(Raymond Samuel Tomlinson)in 1971. Also the world's first integrated email system was invented by Dr. V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai from MIT. He designed the first email system in 1980.

What do you think email was invented for?

I think it was invented to tell people stuff, like it's used for now.

When was Email made?

emails were invented in 1977 by ray tomlinson

Did Bill Gates invent email?

no, he invented windows and the internet

Why is email invented?

because its easier than sending a letter

What was Emily Dickinson's email when she was alive?

At her death in 1860 the email address would not be invented for another 100 ish years.

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