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There are at least 3 saints named Valentine and all of them were martyrs. None of them was 'invented.'


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Saint Valentine invented Valentine's day.

He wasn't invented, he was a real person in history unlike Santa and the Easter bunny.

February 14 is the feast day of Saint Valentine of Rome.

No, Saint Valentine was beheaded.

Saint Valentine was a priest in Rome.

The feast day of Saint Valentine of Rome is on February 14. He is considered the patron saint of lovers.

Saint Valentine was a male. He was also a priest.

Saint Valentine of Rome lived in the third century.

Valentines day was named after Saint Valentine.

Saint Valentine of Rome was from Rome.

Saint Valentine was a Catholic priest, not an emperor.

Saint Valentine of Rome was probably not married.

Saint Valentine of Rome is the patron saint of lovers.

No, there are quite a number of saints named Valentine. However, the best known of these was Saint Valentine of Rome.

St. Valentine was a Roman.

If Valentine was a seriously sinful person he would not be a saint.

Rome is the name of the city where Saint Valentine of Rome originated.

Saint Valentine of Rome whose feast day is on February 14.

There is no biography or tradition that would indicate if Saint Valentine had any brothers or sisters.

We know virtually nothing about Saint Valentine of Rome as an adult and nothing about his childhood.

Valentine de Saint-Point was born in 1875.

Valentine de Saint-Point died in 1953.

Little is known Saint Valentine so your question cannot be answered.

No, he is a Catholic saint.

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