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Who invented infrared cameras?


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April 18, 2012 11:28AM

They were developed for night and low-light photography by the German makers Leica, Zeiss, etc. Leica developed ultra-fast lenses as fast as 0.85 in the War years. It is difficult to make a fast lens in the telephoto category. There were and are obvious examples of (catch-all) coverage in police, military and even scientific (like astronomy) applications for high speed (lens-wise) and infrared film. By the way, on the other end of the spectrum ultraviolet lenses were developed by Nikon in the sixties. Do not confuse with UV protector filters! These are designed to use black light to get details the naked eye could not see. By and large, the Germans take credit for infrared photography as they developed the necessary high speed lenses from f-l.4 (Leica) up to the fractional F-Numbers made in extremely small quantities and not released to the public.