Who invented the yield sign?

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Clinton Riggs, an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman, got the idea for a yield sign while attending a traffic institute meeting in 1939 at Chicago. The war years slowed its development but in 1959 the first yield sign was used at a dangerous intersection in Tulsa. It lowered the number of


Soon the Keystone-shaped yield sign became popular and was adopted by cities and states across the nation. Riggs, who also had a successful career with the Tulsa Police Department, is credited with designing the Tulsa police shoulder patch in the same shape as the yield sign.

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Q: Who invented the yield sign?
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Who has the right away at a yield sign?

A pedestrian, followed by someone not at the yield sign.

How many corners does a yield sign have?

A yield sign is yellow and is put in place for drivers to watch out for oncoming traffic. A yield sign has the shape of a triangle and has 3 corners.

What does the road sign yield mean?

Let's identify first what a Yield sign is. The Yield sign is the only sign on the road (US) that is in the shape of a upside-down triangle with rounded corners, similarly to the stop sign, the stop sign is the only sign on the road that's in the shape of a octagon (has 8 sides). You'll usually see a Yield sign at an intersection, for instance traffic circles. You're not required to stop at the yield sign but you can if you have too to give way to traffic that doesn't have to stop period. Yield signs are not a sign that you blow through. The yield sign means that "You're not required to stop, but you don't have the right-of-way at this intersection." The yield sign is also less restrictive than the stop sign, you still have to give the right-of-way to other traffic, but you're not required to stop at a yield sign.

What sign warns you to slow down?

A yield sign.

Is a yield sign an example of an international sign?


How many more corners does a stop sign have than a yield sign?

a stop sign has 5 more corners than a yield sisn

What is a good sentence using the word yield?

Yield to stop sign.

What is the name of the polygon that is shaped like a yield sign?

A yield sign is shaped like an upside-down triangle.

Who has to stop at a yield sign?

you only have to stop at a yield sign if there is cross traffic - if it would not be safe for you to continue through the intersection. Typically only one road at the intersection will have a yield sign - the other one will either have no sign or a stop sign/light.

What type of sign is red and white triangle?

A yield sign.

What are the signs of lust?

A stop sign, a One Way sign, and a Yield sign.

Yield sign is in the shape of?

A yield sign has 3 corners and is the shape of a triangle. But specifically it is a equilateral triangle. Edited by: A.M.B.

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