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Who invented wires?


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Alessandro Volta


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he invented the barbed wires

Spark plugs wires are just wires that happen to go to spark plugs. They weren't really "invented", it was more or less obvious once the spark plug was developed that there needed to be some way to get electricity to them.

The fax was invented to send documents through telephonic wires.

Samuel Morse invented the telephone pole after trying to put the wires underground, which did not work. The United States government gave him $30,000 to figure this idea out.

Because they wanted to send signals to places where wires didn't go - like to ships at sea.

Walter Lincoln invented better telephone wires, which made global telephone calls possible.

The first radio was invented by gugliemo marconi but jc Bose who first showed that radio signals could be sent over long distances without wires. Radio was invented in i921.Ansered byvaibhav gupta

The telegraph was used for communicating with other people, by using codes sent over wires, before the telephone was invented.

Electrical wires and vacuum tubes were used to make the first electronic computers.

A man called Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone when he discovered that he could transmit voice through wires.

white wires are neutral. green wires are ground wires.

It is not known who invented cell phones. But a Professor Albert Jahnke claims to have invented it. Cellphones have changed the communication throughout the world. It has become possible to connect to any person on the world without wires. Nowadays smart-phones have everything ranging from Internet services to cameras in them.

The phone was invented to enable people to connect to each other from a long distance. Earlier, it was through wires and now we have reached satellite phones.

The wires and that you have the wires

Red and Black wires are hot, White wires are neutral, and Green or bare wires are ground

Neither pair of these wires are ground. If you are looking in a receptacle box at these wires look deep into the box. At the back you should see the ground wires connected around a screw. These will be bare copper wires, they are the ground wires.

The magnetic field between the wires is decreased and the field binding the wires is increased and attracts the wires.

A USB cable has four wires. It has two wires for power and a twisted pair of wires to carry the data.

We don't know. Knitting probably date from the eighth century A.D. and we are not sure what the tools were. However the earliest tools we know of were metal wires.

In 1809, telegraph was invented Samuel Soemmering. He used 35 wires with gold electrodes in water and the message was read by the amount of gas caused by electrolysis.

He invented the telephone to make people hear better, as some were deaf in the family.

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